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After the jump we've got a hands-on video that will take you through some of the things that make the Rotolight Titan X2 unique. Plus we'll also dive into the specific lighting effects that are available to you all within this one tool!

Want to know more about the Titan X2? Keep reading below, and then be sure to check out this previous article about its features and this article about its color modes. 


The Titan X2 takes cinematic lighting to a whole new level. The bright, 2x1 LED soft light combines state of the art RGBWW technology to deliver unparalleled light output and outstanding color accuracy for gorgeous skin tones. The robust fixture offers plenty power to adapt to any lighting situation and performs excellently across the entire CCT spectrum from 3000K - 10,000K. The touchscreen display and features make it one of the most filmmaker friendly lighting fixtures available today. 

Besides its unique design that makes it standout from the competition, the Titan X2 has over a dozen cinematic special effects available are your fingertips that are fully customizable. Let's take a look at each one.


In collaboration with cinematographer and VFX veteran Stefan Lange, whose credits include Skyfall and Mission: Impossible, Rotolight has added an arsenal of cinematic special effects tools that are designed to complement your feature, music video, or short film. 

Filmmakers can create a custom color or recall a filter in the home screen to be combined with the each special effects that includes a strobe, lightning, color cycle, fire, police, television, a faulty neon light, and more. So if you want to create a television affect with blue or orange hue, the Titan X2 allows you to do so. The Titan X2 also allows you to store your combined custom colors and adjusted special effects in a number of presets. On top of that, all special effects can be triggered via DMX or wireless DMX. 


The lightning effect simulates real lightning. It's a random effect, but you can control the speed at which the lightning bursts re-occur. To produce a realistic lightning effect, set the brightness to 100% and the color temperature to 7000K, or create a cool white with added blue. The right knob can adjust duration between the bursts of lightning, and the middle knob will adjust pulse duration or rolling shutter compensation. By pressing in and rotating the left knob, you can adjust brightness level, while doing the same on the middle knob will adjust color temperature of the lightning.  


The strobe effect produces a regular flashing light. Rotating the right knob on the back panel adjusts strobe speed. The display shows the number of strobe cycles per second; the strobe ranges from 0.3 - 7 Hz. To adjust the cycle or pulse duration, you can rotate the middle knob (known as rolling shutter compensation). Lastly, you can press in and rotate the left knob to adjust maximum brightness, and by pressing in and rotating the middle knob, you can adjust CCT. 


Fire is a complex emulation of a burning fire, and can be tuned to any requirements. Multiple lights at slightly different settings can achieve fire with dancing shadows. The right knob adjusts flicker frequency and the left knob adjusts residual glow depth threshold. Brightness can be adjusted by pressing in and rotating the left knob. 


To simulate a TV flicker, you can use the television effects--this works best by setting the color temperature to 6000K or choosing a 116 medium blue/green filter from the Filter menu. The right or left knob will adjust the TV effect's speed, while the right knob will pause the effect or fade it to black. The effect can be triggered to the flash sync port, Skyport, or DMX. 

Color Cycle 

Color Cycle is a regular, smoothly pulsing light which fades between the tungsten and blue LEDs. The right knob adjusts the effect's frequency and is displayed in Hz. The cycle ranges from 1 - 50 Hz. By pressing in and rotating the left knob, you can adjust brightness, and the middle knob adjusts CCT. 

Neon Broken Light 

This effect simulates a faulty neon light. Use the right knob to trigger the effect, or toggle externally through DMX or Skyport. The right knob controls flicker speed and the left knob adjusts brightness. Use the middle knob to adjust color. Any color can be used for this effect and can be easily called up through one of the presets. 

Cinema Projector 

The effect simulates the light coming from a film projector. The Titax X2 allows you to control the brightness of the effect as well as its diffusion. Color is set by adjusting the middle knob. Set the CCT to 4500K to create a good effect. 


This effect allows you to recreate emergency service lights. The right knob adjusts the police beacon speed, and by rotating the left knob you can select double, triple, or quad speed. The middle knob allows for adjustment of color from red, blue, red/blue split, or the custom color set. The left knob adjusts brightness, while the right knob adjusts diffusion. 


Use this effect to simulate a paparazzi flash mob. Most flash guns are set at 5600K, but you can change the color temperature using the middle knob. The fixture also allows you to control the effect's speed with the right knob, and its brightness with the left knob. 

But there's more 

The above are just some of the popular special effects found on the Titan X2, where every detail was considered, from the easy grip handles and large fans to keep it cool to its separate power supply, intuitive menu system, and extensive color modes. The Titan X2 is one of the most robust, reliable, and brightest lighting fixtures on the market today, making it ideal for any lighting professional.

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