ICYMI, Apple announced a new iPhone, which puts video at center stage. As the iPhone "goes pro," we need to keep an eye on which accessories are critical to making that leap—which brings us to the anamorphic lens.

When it comes to capturing the "film look," the elliptical bokeh, horizontal lens flares, and the two-four-oh aspect ratio of the anamorphic aesthetic really do the trick. Now that gear manufacturers are working to pack some of the key aesthetic features of a top-tier anamorphic lens into a smartphone lens form factor, we're more poised than ever to capture more cinematic footage with our smartphones.

One such company, SANDMARC, is throwing its hat in the ring with an anamorphic lens that retails for less than $200. With a 2.4:1 aspect ratio, the 1.33x lens captures more horizontal information by squeezing the image. Its circular shape is compatible with SANDMARC's existing filter lineup.

"The biggest challenge was creating a circular anamorphic that can yet be aligned horizontally when shooting," a SANDMARC rep told No Film School. "Several prototypes were made to get the rotation to where it is not too rigid to move and adjust, yet not too loose to stay fixed when filming."

The lens features a multi-element, multi-coated, and anti-reflective glass for superior performance. SANDMARC is currently working on iPhone 11-compatible lenses.

W1200_d75c_sandmarc_anamorphic_lens_for_iphone_no_text_momentCredit: SANDMARC

Technical Specifications

  • 1.33x Anamorphic Lens
  • Coating - Multi-coated
  • Exterior Material - Aluminum
  • Aspect Ratio - 2.4:1 (video), 16:9 (panoramic)
  • Chromatic Aberration - <1px at edge
  • Weight: 46g