When Martin Scorsese speaks up, we listen. He's become a sage of filmmaking advice and someone trying to spread the art form to the world.

We covered his landmark GQ interview earlier in the week, and the hits keep coming from the esteemed auteur.

Now, he 's talking indie film.

In today's Hollywood, it feels like the only movies that get long theatrical releases are studio tentpoles. More and more, indies are only seeing limited screen time.

Well, we're not the only ones that have noticed that, Martin Scorsese was talking about it on his own red carpet for Killers of the Flower Moon.

Scorsese chatted with IndieWire about the term "Indie Film" and why he doesn't like it.

Check out the video below.

Scorsese said, "The thing about it is, it would be great to see not only blockbusters on a big screen, franchises on a big screen, but also what they consider now ‘indie films.’ I don’t like that title."

He continued, “I think that categorizes, pigeonholes. I think they’re films for everyone, and I would love to see a support from theaters, particularly, which would make it possible for people to want to come to a theater to see a film that isn’t necessarily a blockbuster that needs a giant screen.”

In a world where you need your features to make money to continue to get them budgeted in the future, limiting their theater time also can minimize the audience they can reach.

Scorsese went on to say, “I’m glad that it’s on a giant screen, but otherwise the theaters will only become for films that are action films. That’s all I’m concerned about.”

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