What's one thing that many no-budget filmmakers don't have—other than money and connections and time and top-of-the-line cine gear? Space. That's right!

If you're like me, you don't have access to a professional studio equipped with lights, backgrounds, and the other necessary tools that you'd need to capture that popular "commercial look" on a pro-level, and even if we can get away with a budget setup, chances are we don't have the square footage to make it work.

But as photographer Jeff Rojas demonstrates in this tutorial, all you need is about 60 square feet of space, and we offer some inexpensive alternatives for the pro gear he uses.

Now, some of you might be thinking, "Hell yeah! Rojas' setup is super space-saving and I'm gonna try this once I take my collection of rare baseball helmet ice cream bowls out of the closet." However, some of you might be like, "Huh, that Profoto D2 costs more than my friggin' rent."

All good thoughts.

And it's true; the Profoto D2 is pretty expensive at $1700, not to mention the $200 - $400 V-flats and the 47" Westcott Zeppelin that costs $500 - $600 depending on who you buy from. But hey, gang! There's always a low-budget alternative. Get your hands on:

There you go! Save yourself $2500 by going DIY and still be able to shoot in a tiny space. 

Of course if you're looking for a simple way to hang a backdrop yourself... look no farther!

Source: Jeff Rojas