Sigma's New L to PL Mount Adapter is Cheaper than Leitz's (and Just As Good)

The Sigma MC-31 L-mount to PL mount adapter is now available. 

Sigma is now delivering a welcomed accessory to the L-mount alliance formed by Leica, Panavision, and Sigma in the form of an L-mount to PL mount lens adapter. The Sigma MC-31 was first introduced at IBC 2019. Since then, few details have emerged, including anything regarding its pricing and release date. We now have all the answers. 

Sigma MC-31 L-mount to PL mount adapter

The MC-31 allows you to adapt PL mount lenses to native L-mount cameras like the Panasonic S1H or Sigma fp. The adapter has an aluminum alloy body so it's quite robust. It's not Terminator 2: Judgement Day tough, as The Terminator was made out of titanium alloy, but it's all systems go in terms of reliability in the field. The mount is made of brass and includes a locking ring to secure the lens. When using the MC-31 with the Sigma fp, you can further secure it to the camera using screws provided in the kit, which is a nice touch by Sigma as the fp has a very small footprint. 

The adapter is shimmable at two different points. The flange depth can be adjusted on both the camera side and lens side to calibrate the back focus and lens accuracy. If you want to include accessories like a cage or tripod to a setup, there's a removable tripod socket to do so. You can also remove the screw thread to release the stopper of the locking ring. This allows you to mount lenses that require a closer fit than the MC-31 specs provide. Sigma finished the adapter using the same luminous paint of its cine lenses for quick adjustments in the dark. 

Sigma fp can be used as a director's viewfinder

The adapter will be sold for $679 USD which is cheaper than the Leitz SL-PL Mount Adapter at $1,300. According to Leitz, the SL-PL and MC-31 are very similar in design and functionality and there are no added benefits to using the Leitz adapter over Sigma's version on PL lenses like the Leitz SUMMILUX-C. My guess is that Leitz might be lowering its price sometime in the future.

However, there are third-party L-mount to PL mount adapters, which we have covered extensively, that are less expensive. Wooden Camera has one for $499, c7 has an option for $360, and the PL adapter from Fotodiox is around $150

Pricing & Availability 

The MC-31 will begin shipping February 27th for $679 USD. You can find more info here.      

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Why should simple metal adapters should cost this kind of money? How is that Fotodiox is selling @ $150 and these people @ 679 ? Ah! no logic.

February 21, 2020 at 9:11PM


Well, it takes a lot of work to design the adapter. It needs to be precise almost to a fraction of a millimeter. And they won't be able to sell millions of adapter to offset the design cost and cost of development production line for the product. Fotodiox is great for money, bu perhapst they save on design and quality control. I had a couple of theirs adapters and they are far from perfect.

February 23, 2020 at 6:08AM

Yura Makarov