I have been working during quarantine to keep my mind at ease, and I think I've been doing really well. But no one has been more productive than Steven Soderbergh

In a recent interview with IndieWire, Soderbergh revealed that during this quarantine downtime, he'd finally gotten around to re-editing his sophomore work, Kafka, into a more “hardcore art movie." He's also revisited Schizopolis and Full Frontal.

This is obviously fun and will be really interesting to see if Soderbergh releases these via his website or via to download. 

For now, if you crave Soderbergh, you can watch Contagion, which has been the most-watched movie all over the world since COVID-19 reared its ugly head, or check out Bill and Ted Face The Music, which he produced. 

As he explained, "I just volunteered to be a sort of glorified cheerleader for the project and make calls to the studios that had the rights to say, ‘I don’t understand why you aren’t doing this?'"

He continued, “The script’s great and everybody wants to play again,” he recalled telling executives. “What’s the problem? I was just trying to help this logjam get unstuck. At the beginning, it was kind of vague, and then we all made it clear how much we wanted to see this done.”

What's a director you want to see re-edit their work? 

Are there any other Soderbergh films you'd love to see him work on next time? 

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