AI is rapidly extending its reach within our creative space. Within just a few short years, we’ve seen artificial intelligence being able to go from editing reels of video clips to writing screenplays, to even directing short films by providing shot lists, character descriptions for casting, and even virtual dubbing.

The next frontier to be tackled by AI just had to be music, didn't it?

Whether AI excites you or terrifies you, this technology is here to stay. Yes, AI tech can be used for nefarious reasons, but it can also be utilized to expand your creativity. When it comes to music, finding the right tune can be either expensive or an outright legal minefield. SoundRaw aims to offer a solution to both of those problems. 

Making Your Own Kind of Music is a new music service that lures content creators to generate their musical soundtracks with its AI-driven music creation tools. The service is a music generator that provides royalty-free music composed by artificial intelligence.

By choosing the tempo, mood, genre, theme, and length (from 10 seconds to 5 minutes) for the song clip the creator requires, the AI generates up to fifteen different music compositions within seconds for the creator to try out. The user can generate fifteen more songs based on any song that has already produced or throw out the results and try again by clicking "create more music."

Users can also adjust the parameters or even tweak parts of the composition to make it more to their liking. The user can also add additional musical instruments like keyboards, synths, guitars, or drums, to name a few.

In Pro Mode, the creator can adjust parameters like length, tempo, and structure.

AI can create music for your film or TV showCredit: SoundRaw

Cobbling it Together

SoundRaw's AI samples millions of sound samples to create a new composition that sounds like it was written by a human composer.  

To get started, head to and select "Create Music" at the top of the home page. The content creator doesn’t need an account or music composition knowledge to get going. They only need to select the parameters.

Since it is royalty-free, the music created offers a license that enables the user to use the music clip for about anything from TV, movies, YouTube videos, and live streaming. The only thing that isn’t allowed is distributing the music for sale on audio-streaming platforms like Apple Music or Spotify or if you’re planning on using the music as a background track for your lyrics.

However, this is not strictly prohibited. The user has to add some original sound samples to the music. The sample can’t sound like 60% of the SoundRaw catalog of sounds and has to make the new sound clip appear to sound completely original.

“The reason we ask you to modify the music,” says the SoundRaw website, “is that we want Soundraw to be a platform that helps our users in their creative endeavors, not a tool to help malicious users flood the Internet with AI-generated music.”

AI can create music for your film or TV showCredit: SoundRaw

By The Numbers

There is a free tier and a monthly subscription tier. The paid tier price is as low as $16.99 a month when billed annually and allows you to use the music for personal or commercial use. The monthly subscription enables the download of up to 50 songs per day, and users can also keep the license to the music they’ve generated, even if they unsubscribe.

The free tier allows for unlimited songs with bookmarking. Presumably, that means that the user cannot download the music from the free tier unless they convert to the paid subscription tier.  

The benefit of SoundRaw is twofold.

Firstly, the artificial intelligence tools scrapbook together original works that are not part of an overused musical catalog, so content creators won’t have to choose from music that someone has heard before in another video or film soundtrack.

Secondly, the music can be used in projects that will be part of a subscription or for sale without paying expensive royalties to the creator of the service due to its special royalty-free licensing.

AI can create music for your film or TV showCredit: SoundRaw

Impact of AI Music

Some would argue, however, that cobbling together pieces from other music to create a new original composition is akin to music piracy, or at least copyright violations. But that would all depend on how the AI was trained.

Can you even copyright a note? You could argue that it’s the expression of the note that becomes the problem, much like AI art can borrow from the style of artists or that AI chatbots can create the voice of a requested author in crafting text. But that is for legal theorists and lawmakers to determine, and until they do, creating Artificial Intelligence-driven works will be like the wild west.

Check out and start creating some music. Let us know what you think. Is it the future soundtrack for content creation? Even more importantly, as AI gets smarter, will we all be out of a job?

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Source: SoundRaw