If you’ve been in the film and video business in any capacity over the past few years, then you’ve probably at least heard of Frame.io, one of the better video collaboration and review platforms on the market.

If you’ve ever been to an NAB or similar conference, or at least been introduced to the brand via YouTube or other marketing efforts, then you’d probably be familiar with Michael Cioni as one of their chief brand ambassadors and a Senior Director of Global Innovation at the company... well, formerly that is.

Recently, and almost two years to the day since Frame.io was acquired by Adobe for $1.275 billion, Cioni has left Frame.io to create a new start-up with his brother called Strada which aims to use AI to help creatives of all types reinvent their creative workflows.

Let’s take a look at this new venture and explore how its offering, as well as its journey itself, might be of interest to you and your creative needs.

Introducing Strada

So, what is Strada?

According to the company’s freshly launched website, Strada is a new AI-enabled cloud platform that they believe will completely reinvent creative workflows. The Strada cloud marketplace and workflow builder aims to empower creative professionals to deliver higher-quality content faster.

As we’ll share below, the company name is kind of a funny subject, but in its simplest form, it is simply Italian for “street” and is a nod to the founder’s Italian heritage as it represents the most efficient route someone should follow as they create their content.

Michael Cioni is set to start as CEO for the company which he is founding with his brother Peter Cioni who himself was a Director of Resource Planning at Netflix before leaving to start Strada as well.

The company appears to be rocking a small crew to start and focusing on building out its product as well as its marketing, most notably its YouTube presence which is quite unique indeed.

The Startup Journey

We’ll have to wait and see a bit about how Strada develops and shares its solutions for creative workflows. What might be more fascinating about this story is the journey of the startup and how honestly and in-depth Cioni appears to be about sharing this story on their YouTube channel.

At launch, we have five YouTube videos that take us completely through the process of Cioni leaving his job to build his brand to search for solutions, all shot vlog style and with a refreshing honesty about the process that content creators and aspiring entrepreneurs alike should find inspiring.

Follow Along

If you’re interested in following the Strada journey and keeping tabs on this former Frame.io innovator’s progress, you can keep up with them on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Or just check back here as I’m sure we’ll have more to share about this new company as they develop their solutions and offerings.