The SundanceFilm Festival is not only about watching great new movies—it's also a huge opportunity to learn from and interact with filmmakers, whether that's through panels, parties, or Q&As.

Canon, No Film School's partner for Sundance coverage, is presenting several such opportunities through its Canon Creative Studio at the Sundance Film Festival. The studio is hosting a weekend packed full of educational and exciting events in the Park City Museum.

These panels will feature filmmakers and other experts who will discuss the Canon tools that were used in their Sundance projects and offer advice to up-and-coming creators.

And if you're interested in giving any of their gear a try, you're in luck. The space will have the following tools on hand for demos:

  • EOS C500 Mark II
  • EOS C300 Mark III
  • EOS C70
  • EOS R5 C
  • RF Cinema Primes
  • Flex Zooms
  • HDR Cinema Displays
  • Full PTZ Lineup
  • EOS R Cameras
  • RF Lenses

Canon Pro Reps will be available to answer your technical questions and talk you through production challenges that would be well-served by Canon tools.

Location: Park City Museum 528 Main Street Park City, UT 84060

To learn more and register, visit Canon's Eventbrite page.

Check out the full lineup below!

Friday, January 19

Porcelain War\u200b stillPorcelain WarCourtesy of Sundance Institute

Using Art to Process Trauma
2:00 p.m.
Directors: Slava Leontyev and Brendan Bellomo w/ Dr. Ben Lewis

How does a person continue to live when everything they love is under a vicious attack? Porcelain War, a U.S. Documentary Competition film premiering at the festival, poses this question against the backdrop of the destruction and despair of the ongoing war in Ukraine. In this panel discussion, co-directors Slava Leontyev and Brendan Bellomo, along with Dr. Ben Lewis of the Huntsman Mental Health Institute at University of Utah, chat with moderator Jay Holben about how art can be a meaningful tool in processing severe trauma.

Saturday, January 20

In a Violent Nature

In a Violent Nature

Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Spotlight: In a Violent Nature
12:00 p.m.
Director: Chris Nash and DP: Pierce Derks

An undead monster rampages through the wilderness in the film In a Violent Nature, premiering at the festival. Shot on the Canon EOS C70 cinema camera, director Chris Nash and DP Pierce Derks sit down for a chat with moderator Jay Holben about the making of the film, and how they were able to get the look and feel they wanted for this film’s unique perspective on the genre.

The Indie Aesthetic
3:00 p.m.
DPs: Kristen Correll, Eric Yue, and Arlene Muller

Cinematographers crafting distinctive looks for independent productions often face unique creative challenges that require careful planning, on-the-fly ingenuity and inventive solutions. American Cinematographer managing editor Andrew Fish will explore this topic with a trio of accomplished directors of photography who have projects at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival: Kristen Correll (My Old Ass), Eric Yue (I Saw The TV Glow) and Arlene Muller (Stress Positions).

Sunday, January 21


Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Spotlight on Documentaries
12:00 p.m.
DPs: Laura Hurdock, Christopher La Marca, and Brad Garrison

Join moderator Jay Holben, technical editor of American Cinematographer, for a far-ranging conversation with accomplished documentary cinematographers, including Laura Hudock (Girls State), Christopher LaMarca (Sugarcane) and Brad Garrison (Chasing Chasing Amy).

The Business of Freelancing
3:00 p.m.
Craig Mizrahi, Kristen Tolle-Billings, Jonathan Gray

Doing your job is the easy part. Networking, Taxes, Invoicing… that’s where it gets tricky. Join Craig Mizrahi (Talent Agent, Innovative Artists), Kristen Tolle-Billings (Partner/Agent, Worldwide Production Agency), and Jonathan Gray (Partner/Producer, Gray Schwartz, LLP) for an in-depth discussion with moderator Jay Holben about the business side of show business.

Monday, January 22

'The Mandalorian'

The Mandalorian

CREDIT: Disney+

Focused on Lenses
1:00 p.m.
DPs: David Klein, Bryan Gentry, Eloi Moli

The lenses you choose help to define the look and feel of your project, and how the audience will interpret the scene. This panel will be an in-depth discussion of everything related to lenses, and how to best utilize them to convey your intentions for a scene. Joining moderator Jay Holben (technical editor of American Cinematographer) will be cinematographers David Klein (The Mandalorian) Bryan Gentry (Luther: Never Too Much), and Eloi Moli (Border Hopper).

Please note: Registration will be completed on-site. The event is limited to accredited filmmakers and photographers. Admission is limited to the capacity of the event space.

No Film School's coverage of Sundance 2024 is brought to you by Canon.