Sundance is Giving You Free Access to Its Entire Library of Online Master Classes

Sundance Collab
Times are tough right now, but the Sundance Institute is showing up for creatives in a big way.

Over a month ago, the Sundance Institute issued its response to how it will weather the COVID-19 pandemic, establishing a plan that seeks to support filmmakers through coalition-building, financial assistance, and distance learning through its new digital platform Sundance Co//ab.

But Sundance is taking things a step further by announcing that it's giving filmmakers access to its entire library of Master Classes and webinars on Sundance Co//ab entirely for free. 

Previously priced at $75, these recordings feature leading creators offering insight into many different aspects of the film industry, from financing to artistic activism. And you get it all from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

Here are a few particularly exciting offerings from Sundance Co//ab:


Master Classes

Monthly Challenges

Sundance Co//ab isn't just a place to learn about making films—it's a place to actually make them. Every month, participants are given the chance to enter their work for a chance to win a number of prizes, including a one-on-one mentorship with a Sundance advisor.

Ready to get your learn on? Head on over to Sundance Co//ab to learn more.     

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It's a great news for me like newbies as it helps us to have free access to some of the best learning sessions out there. I'm a professional maid currently living in Dubai, keeping a strong interest in these things, so no words to thank Sundance Institutefor this kind gesture during this sad moments of the pandemic Covid 19.

Let's hope for better days...

Mary Jain
Maid at Housekeeping Co

May 2, 2020 at 3:17AM

Mary Jain
Professional Maid

I’ve been trying out the Sundance's Co//ab Master Classes. They’re very cool! But some of the videos are hard to play or don’t play at all.

But, of the few I been able to play, My fav so far is Meg LeFauve (wrote CAPTAIN MARVEL & Pixar’s INSIDE OUT). In the 1st 30 min. Of her video she gives up pearls + the goods of her experience with Pixar’s workflow!

Thank you for the free sign-up tip!

May 2, 2020 at 3:50PM, Edited May 2, 3:52PM

B Sharp