Could you recall the greatest and most influential moments in cinematic history? Chances are that there are too many great moments to mention. We could talk for hours and hours about the moments that changed the history of cinema, and then we could talk more about the individual cinematic moments that defined us. 

The evolution of cinema is a history lesson that will always be intriguing and can teach us the origins of specific filmmaking techniques that we use today. Electric Apex created a supercut of film’s evolution over the decades, starting from the late 19th century with the first motion picture to the early 21st century. 

Check out the full video here.

From the dawn of cinema to our favorite film movements like French New Wave and Italian Neorealism to modern-day masterpieces, this supercut is a fun look at what the collective has considered being influential films. We also appreciate the recognization of visual storytelling techniques like the vertigo zoom that have pushed the art form forward.

Although there is a major lack of animated features, which have been just as influential in cinema as many of the great films included in Electric Apex’s video, we appreciate the nod to Studio Ghibli and its ability to capture the true essence of humanity. 

If nothing else, this supercut is a fun video to watch. Can you name each film you recognize?

Was there a clip that you think deserves to be in the supercut? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Electric Apex