All of Tarantino's films are deep dives into different subcultures and niche genres that have wildly varying tones and experiences. Tarantino is a true artist, giving us canvasses of stories that enthrall and amaze. 

But what movies did the same to him? What movies kept child Tarantino on the edge of his seat? 

Check out the video from SiriusXM below, and let's talk after. 

I love learning about what Tarantino finds inspiring, and hearing how the different tones of the movies he loves are all indicative of what he does today. For those who skipped the video or need a refresher, Tarantino's three favorite movies growing up were: 

It was interesting to hear not only what he enjoyed but why he enjoyed them. Of course, The Good The Bad and the Ugly was tension and perfection to look at. But Black Sabbath was the first movie where he noticed the director and got excited to see what else he had done. 

Those two movies got him thinking in terms of shots and style. He picked up a lot from them and began to learn. When it came to the genre, Frankenstein reared his head. 

Abbot and Costello showed him how to mash up genres, physical comedy, and horror. He saw how they played on tropes and used them to subvert what the audience would think and feel. 

That's a pretty cool origin story for someone discovering Hollywood. Especially since they turned out to be an auteur director

Let us know which three movies influenced you as a kid in the comments. 

Source: SiriusXM