Quentin Tarantino is a singular movie watcher. It seems like he tries to see most things, and he has a strong opinion about what he enjoys and why.

Recently, he was on Brett Easton Ellis's podcast, talking about all things film, when they got on the topic of Steven Spielberg.

Tarantino gushed over 2021's West Side Story.

"I loved West Side Story. The best movie of 2021, should have won the Oscar and the guy who played Riff should have won the Oscar. It’s the only film that I’ve seen, on my own, at the theater, twice. It was beyond the beyond. It was right up there with Fury Road."

Tarantino went on to say he thought Spielberg had “lost it,” but West Side Story made him shout “he’s back!”

This was a fun exchange, couched in the obvious thinking that Tarantino wants to retire from directing while he's still making great movies.

But for me, I am hoping seeing a movie he appreciated like West Side Story showed Tarantino that evolving and growing as an artist is as valuable as quiting when you're ahead. And you can explore more about what cinema means to you.

For my money, Spielberg delivered movies like The Fabelmans which was an instant classic, and revealed so much about the artist himself.

The movies in his later years are sill helping us understand who he is as an artist, and that's what makes them exciting.

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