This link is going to expire soon, so I won't go on very long. This 56-second short by David Cronenberg will reportedly disappear. It's called The Death of David Cronenberg, and it is being auctioned as an NFT. It was made for the SHUDDER series Slasher

Watch The Death of David Cronenberg from Zsolt Lynnleech below. 

Yes, that's a life-sized fake corpse in the movie. Cronenberg is 78 now and brought the corpse home.

He said, “I left it up there for a couple days and I’d occasionally just go and check it out. It had an emotional resonance for me. The obvious thing is [the short film] is a little metaphorical piece about a person embracing his own death. I embrace it, partially, because I have no choice: this is man’s fate.”

Recently, Cronenberg talked about how his wife had recently passed away, and how that was affecting him.

“[She] died in that house, in a bed, and it felt when she died, partly, like I died, and I still feel that,” he said. “That corpse is my wife to me. So it’s not just a frivolous horror film. It is a film about love and the transient aspect of being human.”

This is obviously a deeply personal and heavy project for Cronenberg. Tell a filmmaker you love them today. And tell a family member too. Enjoy this short while you can.