Want to appreciate how much hard work and teamwork goes into making a movie? Just look at any of Robert Eggers' films and realize the endeavors that must go into getting all the period costumes, sets, and even language down.

His new movie, The Northman, delves into Vikings and revenge. 

Check out this fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the movie from 4K Plus Trailers & Clips, and let's talk after. 

Even without narration, I was captivated by this 20-plus-minute excursion into how this movie came together. I loved seeing how they built the sets and put together the action choreography. There was also the intimate way Eggers walks around his sets, directing. Sometimes I think you can learn more about the craft behind movies just by watching people work, and not hearing them explain it. There's artistry just seeing someone settle in to do the job. 

My favorite part was around eleven minutes into the video, when we see the mock assault of the fort. Seeing the different angles, the cameras, the extras, and the tracking process trailer were all very interesting. It really gave me an appreciation for how movies like this come together.

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