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The Micro Four Thirds sensor and mount seemed to be a placeholder between Super 16 and APS-C/Super-35 (and higher). At least until camera processors got fast enough to offer competing features.

But as APS-C and Full Frame sensors got better, so did Micro Four Thirds. High-speed and high-resolution come at an affordable cost for the cropped sensor, so it's no surprise to see it still flourishing with the release of the Panasonic LUMIX GH6 and Olympus OM-1. Blackmagic and Z CAM have also taken full advantage of this cropped sensor format. 

On the other hand, finding proper cinema lenses, for the same affordable cost, is a bit difficult. So we here at No Film School want to give you some dedicated cinema lens options for the Micro Four Thirds sensor to get you off that online shopping page and back onto set.

We'll cover everything from primes to zooms, and even throw in a bit of anamorphic for good measure. 

Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmasters

Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmasters

Great Value!
  • 17, 25 & 35mm T1 Cinema Lenses
  • Covers APS-C/Super35 Format
  • Common 80mm Front Diameter
  • MFT Lens Mount
  • Hard Case
17, 25, & 35mm Kit

The Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 3-Lens Bundle includes a 17, 25, and 35mm set of cine primes specifically made for Micro Four Thirds cameras. We chose primes not only for their affordability but also for the blazing fast T1 aperture, making this kit a solid choice for low-light shooting. These lenses are built to cover a Super35 sensor, so if you have a Z CAM E2-S6 with the MFT mount, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the coverage.

Because of their cine-style housing, all of the Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmasters are geared for follow focus units and share the same 80mm front diameter for matte boxes. This bundle costs less than what a single full-frame or Super35 cine prime would cost, which opens up your budget for other things. Like more gear or better crafty for your set. 

DZOFilm DZO MFT Parfocal Cine Lenses

DZOFilm DZO MFT Parfocal Cine Lenses

Great Zooms!
  • Maintain Focus Throughout Zoom Range
  • Near-Zero Breathing
  • 12-Blade Iris
  • 19.7 & 31" Minimum Focus Distances
  • 270° Focus Rotation with 26 Focus Marks
  • Two-Sided Focus Scale (Imperial/Metric)
  • Back Focus Adjustment
  • 80mm Front Diameter / 77mm Filter Thread
  • All-Metal Housing
10-24mm & 20-70mm Kit

Featuring two parfocal lenses of almost identical size, this MFT Parfocal Cine Lens Bundle offers a flexible and consistent workflow with focal lengths from a wide-angle 10mm to 70mm. All with just two lenses.

DZOFilm developed a pair of lenses that feature almost no focus breathing in a durable housing. Both lenses have an 80mm front diameter and 77mm filter thread, with focus, iris, and zoom gears that have consistent 0.8 MOD/32-pitch. Back focus adjustment of 19.2mm allows for efficient swapping between different cameras. 

True to its cine design, it has a focus rotation of 270° and offers 26 focus marks along the entire focal range. These lenses are made for hard work, and you get almost 5 prime lenses for the price of two.

Speaking of price, the DZOFilm zooms are also extremely affordable. 

Sirui Mars 1.33x Anamorphic Lenses

Sirui Mars 1.33x Anamorphic Lens Set

Budget Kit!
  • 24mm T2.8, 35mm T2, 50mm T2, and 75mm T2
  • Covers Micro Four Thirds/APS-C Sensors
  • Suitable for 4K Image Capture
  • 2.4:1 De-Squeezed Format; 8-Blade Iris
  • Schott Optical Glass with Nano Coatings
  • Blue Streak Effects; Less Stray Light
  • Just under 2' Minimum Focus
  • Case Included
4-Lens Set

Shooting on dedicated anamorphic lenses has been utterly unaffordable until very recently. While SLRMagic was the first company to dip its toe into budget-friendly anamorphic solutions, Sirui was one of the few to pull it off. This kit features a 24, 35, 50, and 75mm anamorphic lens that covers MFT and APS-C-sized sensors. Coatings on these lenses allow them to flare without overwhelming your image.

All of the Sirui share consistent focus and iris gears with pretty fast apertures. If you shoot on an MFT sensor or lens mount, these should definitely be on your wish list. Especially for the price. While Sirui has had issues with matching its lenses in the past, having the ability to shoot anamorphic for only a few grand is a dream come true. 

Honorable Mentions

Venus Optics Laowa MFT Cine Prime

Venus Optics Laowa MFT Cine Prime

New Lenses!
  • 7.5, 10, and 17mm Lenses
  • Fast Aperture
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • For MFT-Sized Sensors
  • Manual Focus and Iris; 0.8 MOD Rings
3-Lens Bundle

Venus Optics only recently expanded its Laowa MFT cine line. Check out our post on the new additions.

While they're not as cheap or fast as the Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmasters, the Laowas are super compact and lightweight, making them a solid solution for handheld, stabilizer, gimbal, or drone work. I mean, they're super small. If you want to make your camera inconspicuous, these lenses are what you need. 

Vazen 1.8x MFT Anamorphics

Vazen 1.8x MFT Anamorphic Lens Kit

Lens Bundle
  • 28, 40, 65mm Lenses with Custom Case
  • Covers Micro Four Thirds Sensors
  • T2 to T16 Aperture Range
  • Cinematic 2.39:1 Aspect Ratio
  • 300° Focus Rotation
  • 95mm Front Diameter
Lens Bundle

While Sirui offers options for budget filmmakers, Vazen's anamorphic offerings are designed for creatives looking to uplevel but not break the bank. This set comes with a 28, 40, and 65mm offering, each with a 1.8x anamorphic squeeze. The 40 and 65mm share roughly the same build and a T2 aperture, while the 28mm is a little smaller with a T2.2. They're a bit more expensive than the Siriu lenses, but you get more pronounced anamorphic features. And since it's made specifically for the MFT sensor, the Vazen lenses utilize the surface area better than the 1.33x from Sirui. 

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