Tilta has announced two new pieces of gear that might make filming projects on smaller cameras, like DSLRs and mirrorless shooters, a little easier

The newest additions to the company's Tiltaing line are the Mini Matte Box and the Mini Follow Focus, both of which feature compact, lightweight, modular designs to keep smaller camera kits as portable as possible, but also give mirrorless shooters the tools you'd typically to see on higher-end gear. 

Best of all, though, is both cost less than $100.

Tiltaing Mini Matte Box

Tilta's Mini Matte Box will not only allow users to reduce glare and cut light when needed, but it will also give them multiple mounting options for accessories like mics and LED lights with standard 3/4" screw holes and dual cold shoe adapters.

It also allows users to use round screw-on filters as well as square drop-ins, which can be mounted in front and behind the matte box respectively.


Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight (150mm x 120mm x 40mm; 4.9oz.)
  • Modular design
  • Top flag rotates 180-degrees
  • Standard 3/4" screw holes
  • Dual cold shoe adapters
  • Mount filters in front or behind mattebox (screw-on filters and 4" x 5.65" filters)
  • Adapter rings: (Standard package) 82mm, 77mm, 67mm, 72mm, (Optional Sizes) 58mm, 55mm, 52mm, 85mm, 62mm
  • Price: $99

Tiltaing Mini Follow Focus

The new Mini Follow Focus was designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible for those who want to keep their camera rig nice and portable. Weighing in at just 7.7oz., this thing is made as a single unit with an adjustable rod attachment that will allow users to fit lenses of virtually any size.

It features 360-degree rotation, adjustable hard stops, and a reusable marking disk.


Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight (7.7oz.)
  • Modular design
  • 15mm rod adapter
  • Speed crank port
  • AB hard stops
  • No-slip rubber grip
  • Adjust single rod attachment up to 90-degrees
  • Marking disk can be cleaned and reused
  • Compatible with almost any camera
  • Price: $99

Pricing and Availability

Both the Mini Matte Box and Mini Follow Focus will retail for $99 but can be pre-ordered now for $84.15 (until December 20th). Shipping is expected to begin on December 26th.