Check Out These Useful Tools and Tips for Editors from Provideo Coalition

Useful Tools and Tips For Editors
Provideo Coalition put together this list including media management solutions, LUT collections, and code generators. 

Not only that but along with the resources, writer Scott Simmons links to some videos that gifs that'll help you understand how to use said tools. 

Tools mentioned include: 

  • PixelTools PowerGrades Collection
  • MDV
  • Mync
  • Kyno
  • Adobe Applications Hack Tool
  • Ripple Edit
  • QR Code Generator Plug-in
  • Copy Folder Structure Free on Mac

Check it out, and share with us any other post-production or tips you might have that they didn't cover.     

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Well, thanks for the link. Useful Tools for Editors is a regular column I've been writing across the internet back to 2006.

You're welcome to browse the most current archives:

February 28, 2019 at 5:41AM

Scott Simmons