I have started probably 50 of these posts with the phrase "Writing is incredibly hard." You know why? Because that statement is REAL. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars going to college and grad school studying screenwriting. That's money I will be paying back well after I'm dead....unless I sell a big TV show. Then it would get markedly easier. 

But how the hell am I going to do that? 

How the hell will any of u do that? 

The easy answer is to LISTEN and then get writing. 

But you shouldn't listen to just anyone. You should listen to the experts. The people who have been there before and done it over and over again. People like Matthew Federman, the co-creator/EP of Blood and Treasure

Well, someone on Reddit compiled a list of all of Federman's advice on writing and categorized them into threads. 

Check out all these threads from Matthew Federman and get writing! 

Up next: Write your TV Drama

Hundreds of pilots sell to networks and streaming services every year. What's stopping you from selling your idea? 

Keep going!