While AI might get the most of the day-to-day excitement and vitriol in the burgeoning film tech space, virtual productions are almost quietly chugging along revolutionizing the industry just as much—but with perhaps simply less fanfare.

If you haven’t been paying close attention to the rising tides of virtual production, though, you’re missing out. And with these new platforms and systems being released here in the past few weeks, you’re liable to miss out completely if you don’t start looking into these new pipelines yourself.

So, to help you keep up, here’s what you should know about Zero Density’s new virtual production platform Reality5, as well as why you should also check out the next Traxis Camera Tracking system and consider adding both to your virtual production and real-time motion graphics pipelines.

Zero Density Reality5

Known for its virtual production and real-time motion graphics offerings, Zero Density has been hard at work leveling up its virtual production platforms and camera tracking systems to better serve this rising class of virtual content artists and producers.

In particular, this Reality5 platform is the latest version of their virtual production offering which makes full use of the almost limitless potential of Unreal Engine 5.3 to provide hyper-photorealistic virtual environments in real-time. If you’re curious, here’s a more in-depth guide to how this virtual workflow has worked in the past.

This Reality5 platform makes use of one of the most advanced 3D compositing pipelines in the industry that aims to blend real and virtual elements together for lifelike and accurate visuals. This new platform features a 3D pixel-perfect keyer that is reported to be capable of preserving real reflections, shadows, and other details in pristine detail never seen before.

Traxis Camera Tracking System

Zero Density has also announced that they have a new camera tracking system ready to go that is ready to set the new industry standard for precision. Designed to work seamlessly with the Zero Density Reality5 virtual production platform, this camera tracking system should be able to provide consistent and recreateable performances on your virtual sets with a system that uses continuous recalibration to ensure real-time, uninterrupted tracking.

If you’ve been on a virtual set before, you know how wild and complicated these spaces can become, but with this new Traxis system, it should be less cluttered than ever before with its cable-free design. It also boasts some of the most impressive accuracy and minimal latency, plus features a very simple setup.

Designed to be modular and economical both on the high and low end of productions, Zero Density is making a strong play to be the biggest player in this budding virtual production ecosystem providing pretty much all of the tools and features that any aspiring virtual producer might need.

\u200bTraxis Camera Tracking

Traxis Camera Tracking

Zero Density

Price and Availability

To find out more about either Reality5 or the Traxis Camera Tracking system, you can explore both platforms on Zero Density’s website here. Both are currently available via inquiry only on their respective pages here and here.