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One of the most important aspects of filmmaking is scoring. For all the work that goes into the creative process, far too often the ball is dropped on the one-yard line because the score didn't deliver emotionally, intellectually, and thematically.

But there is always one major problem confronting filmmakers looking for the chance to add the necessary complex layers to their piece. Great original music costs money.

Filmmakers can capture amazing imagery for their projects much more easily, and get them up on YouTube for the world to see very quickly. But what about the music that moves an audience?

There are plenty of platforms that provide music for content creators, but most of the time you must pay for it. Let’s face it, not many of us are happy to share our money with another provider to get a soundtrack to work. Hence, people just go on Google, find temp tracks or "completely free" music, and go with it.

It will work right until the music composer gets the ownership and you won’t be able to monetize your project anymore.

So how exactly does a filmmaker realize their vision to its fullest extent and monetize it?

What is Tunetank

Tunetank is a platform where you can search for great music, use it in your projects and monetize them. Best part? 

It's entirely free.

We'll introduce you to Tunetank in this video, but check out all the specifics after the jump:

The hidden gem in this is that the music on Tunetank is created by professionals exclusivelyfor the platform. You won't find this music anywhere else, unlike what many other platforms do.

What else? 

All the tracks are easily sorted by genre, mood, andcategory.

Think of it as a Google search tool crossed with a composer. Whatever type of content you are creating, Tunetank's library will have options. You could sort by an emotion you're trying to convey, or a type of project you are delivering. From a dramatic tense sequence to an educational instructional video, Tunetank will give you many tracks created by professionals. That way your project will definitely catch an audience’s attention.

Monetize your YouTube content worry-free

Another major stumbling block for YouTube creators is monetizing their content once they've added in so-called copyright-free music.

In far too many instances platforms will not own any rights to the tracks they are offering to creators "for free."

And that is where Tunetank stands apart again.

Tunetank owns the rights to the music already, and they give that over to you—forever. This means that with Tunetank music, you won’t find yourself in the situation where after a few years you receive a copyright claim on the soundtrack you used.

There are some very simple steps to covering yourself once you implement the Tunetank track you've found and added to your video.

First off, make sure you properly attribute the author of the track. This will protect you from a copyright claim.

You can also "release" any copyright claim from your video with this simple process:

For your convenience, Tunetank created a ProAccount that has plenty of great features. Here are some of these:

  • Automatic release of copyright claims on unlimited amount of channels
  • Access to premium tracks and SFX library
  • All music tracks available in high-quality WAV files

You can add your ENTIRE channel to Tunetank’s Whitelist, thus releasing all new videos from copyright claims (Pro Account only).

Feel the difference today

Everyone knows how powerful the reach of YouTube can be these days. The problems facing creators in unlocking that potential are numerous. Tunetank provides some easy and free solutions to a few of those issues.

Unlike many other tools at your disposal these days, you can take Tunetank for a spin right now. Find some music you like, toss it into a piece of video you've worked on, and upload it to your channel. Make sure you release the copyright claim and you're set.

Can’t believe it’s that easy? Check out their website for relevant soundtracks to your videos and enjoy excellent music for free. Forever!

Tunetank. Make more.