Another day and another movie has been placed upon the bookshelves to slowly be forgotten by a fanbase that was once excited to see it in theaters. That movie was Batgirl and after fans rousing cheers of the film were dismayed with its cancellation, it did not look good for the DCEU and it certainly doesn't look good for other films either.

Batgirl was supposed to feature Brendan Fraser as the supervillain Firefly and was meant to be a welcome return for Michael Keaton’s Batman from the Tim Burton films. Kilmer and Clooney were, obviously, not welcome to the DCEU party.

DCEU background

Given that many people have been upset at this notion--and rightfully so--the buck doesn't stop there. Other films should be incredibly worried because of this incredible debacle of one film being officially thrown in the woodchipper and sent to the empty vacuum of film history’s forgotten and abandoned lore.

Warner Bros. thought it would be a dandy idea to write off a $90 million film and was, apparently, not even that interested in dropping it on HBO Max. The problem is that it doesn't make sense to write it off so swiftly. Admittedly, if the film were to be released in theaters, it couldn’t have been a bigger box-office bomb than Birds of Prey, which made a little over $200 million on a budget that seemed identical to Batgirl.

Admittedly, it probably would not have made the same amount of money as Man of Steel, Aquaman, or Wonder Woman because the DC comic character Batgirl is lesser-known than the aforementioned characters.

The worry for other films

It’s still problematic knowing that a movie that would have seen Michael Keaton return as the Caped Crusader was forever-shelved. The biggest issue is that if it can happen to a Warner Brothers-backed superhero film, it can happen to any film at any given moment.

It’s possible that the upcoming 2024 musical sequel Joker: Folie à Deuxwould get the same budget as the canned Batgirl and, for whatever reason, it could be canceled because of some unforeseen problem in production or because the test screenings were so bad that DC decided to stop the film in its tracks and not even bother releasing it on any media.

Any DC, Marvel, Star Wars, or independent film could suffer the same fate, whether it be because of bad buzz, poor release timing, bad budgeting or terrible execution. That is what the film industry and other franchises need to be worried about, which is why more filmmakers and film companies must tread lightly and be careful of the art and content that they put out to the public.

Hopefully, this can be a lesson to not follow in this film’s footsteps.

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