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Redrock microRemote Racks Focus, Blows Minds

07.13.10 @ 11:07AM Tags : , , ,

For a long time I’ve been looking for a way to shoot handheld with BOTH hands on the camera support handles, to maintain a balanced handheld aesthetic similar to that of indie cinematographers like Andrij Parekh (Half Nelson, Sugar, Cold Souls). It looks like Redrock has this functionality in mind with their crazy new microRemote wireless follow focus, which is why I picked the thumbnail at left; however, the real star of the show (certainly from a wow standpoint) is their ingenious use of an iPhone as a control surface. This is a follow focus like you’ve never seen (unless, of course, you’ve seen it before):

More details on Redrock’s site; target shipping date is “end of summer” with a retail price of $1,500 (for the wireless version; the wired version should be cheaper).

[via Planet5D]


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