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Everything You Need to Know to Color Correct (in Colorista II)

Stu Maschwitz’s tutorial on color correction is one of the most-clicked links on this site, month after month. His very helpful tutorial was recorded for the cross-platform plugin Magic Bullet Colorista I, but the techniques he demonstrated applied to color correction in general. Now, however, Colorista II is available, and the amount of control the $299 plugin gives you is staggering. When it comes to software, however, a lot of people will sell you a product and then try to sell you training for that product — but here’s over an hour of free color correction tutorials from Stu. This is great stuff for an unbeatable price.

Getting Started

Multishot Workflow

Working with the Keyer

Working with Power Masks

Cosmetics: Skin Retouching

Highlight Recovery


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  • This is great. Once again Koo, it pays to keep checking out your blog. Just got Colorista II and it’s amazing the looks you can achieve with it. This definitely steps the game of indie film makers up! Keep up the good work.


  • i use Avid Media Composer 5, and i use the most of RedGiant plugs and especially the Magic Bullets, They All Look Great, i tried All of them in many film’s footage i shot on the Sony-EX 1.
    But the main problem beside rendering, is The HUGE and BIG (both in capital) size for each clip.
    like 3GB for a clip of 15sec ! even after the transcoding !