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NAB Video: More Details on the Canon-Technicolor DSLR Partnership

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While Sony is charging $3,300 for its S-LOG upgrade to the F3, Canon and Technicolor are releasing a Log-based picture profile for Canon DSLRs for free. Because the downloadable picture style won’t be available until April 30, it remains to be seen how much more latitude the new setting will offer over user-generated flat picture styles. If the new Technicolor color science is substantially superior to what’s available today, Canon’s plans to release it free will, as Technicolor’s rep says, “make up for it in volume.” Dan Chung has more details:

Video by Seppe Van Grieken and Johnnie Behiri.


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  • Only for 5D mark II?

  • Im sure it will fot for other Canon cameras also.

  • I’m not an expert, but I don’t think a picture style has the ability to increase latitude. The chip, or processor would determine that. The picture style has the ability to play with the values and representation of the image given a fixed latitude.

    • That’s not entirely true. The picture style defines the mapping between the raw frames, and the stored encoded data. So while the picture style is not ‘increasing’ the latitude available to the sensor, in this case it is storing as much of that latitude as is possible. Put simply, as far as post production is concerned – yes, there is greater latitude in the .mov file.

  • posted a brochure Technicolor is handing out at NAB.
    a little info from it:
    Can it be used for all EOS cameras?

    “Although the Technicolor CineStyle was designed and optimized for the Canon EOS-5D Mark II camera, the Technicolor CineStyle can be installed and used on any current Canon EOS DSLR camera”

  • so a picture style it is, and a very flat one for that matter

    I’ll give it a try, but I already gave up on “shooting flat” a few months back: when you don’t need all that latitude, shooting flat just means more work in post and a final image with more noise, more codec artifacts, and, in my case, given my lack of expertise in color correction, uglier skin tones

    and I hardly ever need the extra latitude of a flat picture style: most often if I set a flat picture style it just expands the flat tails of my histogram, from 1/5th of the range to 1/3rd or more

  • Some sort of the flat picture style is a must for high-noon outdoor shots. When reflectors are not practical, standard pictures style produces way too much contrast. One of the hallmark trait of film is perceived smooth range of dynamic range, especially in shadows without blowing out the highlights.
    I personally am looking forward to this new picture style and am very curious to see how much more information we can squeeze out of Canon cameras vs super flat picture style I have been using.

  • A few people were asking the question before whether or not this was just another flat picture style, and being that I got a chance to talk with a Technicolor Colorist myself, I thought I could answer that question a little better.

    What Technicolor has done is not only made a Picture Style, but they have also made modifications to the way that picture style is captured. A normal picture style is a .PF2 file. This means that your getting a REC709 .PF2 (Picture Style) out of the camera right now.

    So upon the release of this on the 30th, I’m not sure the actual file type, but it will be different from a normal .PF2 file. This is what is going to allow you to output a LogC picture style (with Color Modifications). This will be a rather flat look, however it’s MEANT FOR GRADING! If you have ever seen footage on RED Cameras before it’s graded, the look is going to be very similar to the look your going to get on Canon’s LogC Technicolor Picture Style.

    Hope this helped a bit. : )

  • When will this download be avalable.?

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  • Does this also work for external recorders? Or is it only to the CF on board cards? I don’t quite understand the process.

  • if this makes the image too flat….are you going to be able to have enough
    color control to bring the image where you want it.

    Shane Hurlbut said he had this problem and so he started shooting
    to get the image in camera as close as he could to his final desired look.

  • Latitude 8Bits = 6stop
    Latitude 10 bits = 10 stops
    if they won’t…
    h264 is the problem.
    J.S. nice!