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Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Now Available

The previously announced upgrade to Adobe’s Creative Suite, version CS5.5, is now shipping. From individual titles all the way up to the $2,599 behemoth known as the Master Collection, the new programs are available as instant downloads (well, depending on the speed of your connection). Direct links: Adobe Master Collection CS5.5, Adobe Production Premium CS5.5, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, Adobe After Effects CS5.5, Adobe Audition CS5.5.


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  • I wonder if Adobe Media Encoder cs5.5 converts to ogg and webm yet for html5 players. I can’t see anything about this on the what’s new pages. I just finished a project where I had to use some cheap no-options encoder to get those formats. The quality really wasn’t up to my standards, but I’ve yet to see a better option. Kinda hoping cs5.5 will do this.

  • Actually there is NO Photoshop CS5.5, instead it’s CS5.1 which is a general update available to all Creaive Suite 5 users. Simply speaking, if you have CS5 installed, you can get a update for Photoshop CS5.1 which has new functions. If you ordered CS5.5 suite, then you get Photoshop CS5.1 straight away.

    The next major update for all applications is CS6, which I estimate could be released at the end of this year.

    • Thanks for the clarification, Marvin; corrected.

      I don’t think their production cycle is more often than once a year, is it?

      • Well, their uodate cycle is usually around 12-18 months, but obviously the digital world has become more and more crazy than before, so I think they might want to speed things up a little bit.

        • Bit late on the reply.

          I think they will announce sometime around the end of this year, and then release start of next year. I think Premiere Pro and After Effects won’t get major updates either, a few bug fixes here and there, CS5.5 I think was released earlier to have Premiere Pro out before FCP, which is why only the video editing application seemed to have been updated.

  • The $799 list price for Premiere Pro now seems much too high given the new price for Final Cut. I wonder if Adobe will drop the price to compete?

    • it seems like adobe never competes with apple like that. Similar products yes but it only has been a few versions they even put out a mac version of Premiere Pro.