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We're Past the Halfway Point: Let's Try to Get #MANCHILD Trending on Twitter

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As I say in the video, thank you guys so much for your support. We’ve gotten this far, but we’re past the halfway point and we’ve started falling behind. So I wanted to share a way you can help make the Man-child campaign a success — even if you don’t want to back the project (or if you already did — thank you!). Anyone who appears on the Twitter lists below is a prominent member of the basketball community. Let them know about this film — it’s a well-researched movie by an indie filmmaker who’s played basketball all his life (@ryanbkoo), it’s about part of the basketball world that you don’t normally see in the movies (the recruiting of middle schoolers), and it could really use their support! By reaching out to them as a community (and by talking amongst ourselves), let’s see if we can get #manchild trending this week on Twitter — together:

I’ve included some example tweets below. A couple more things:

If you’d like to know more about how the campaign is doing, I’ve done a few interviews with other filmmaking sites — thanks to all of them for having me as a guest.

Also, sorry about the noisy air conditioner in this video! Small New York apartments…

If you’re not a Twitter user, you could also try to reach out to any of the editors at the top NBA or College basketball blogs. I’m trying to reach out myself, of course, but as I say in the video, I can only be in one place at a time and there are only so many hours in the day. Thank you so much for your help!

Example Tweets

As for example tweets, here a few I’ve seen since posting this that are great examples. One essential element to include is that it’s a campaign to MAKE a movie — otherwise folks will think they’re about to watch a finished film about youth basketball, and instead they get me talking. I’d be disappointed to see that! Some examples:

@ could I get a retweet for my boy's campaign. It is a film about a 13yr bball stud AAU prospect. #manchild ?
Evan Fowler

@ could you pls RT this awesome indie filmmaker's campain 4 a feature film about youth bball? thx #manchild
Gregory Fish

@ Check out #manchild, an indie film about youth basketball being crowdfunded by the community, great project
Luis Fernando Soní G

Like basketball? Like NC? Help fund #ManChild, an indie film about a 13yo bball star to be made in #NC // Plz Retweet!
Peter Grandstaff

@ How old were u when u starting getting recruited? Fundraising 4 #manchild, a movie about a 13 yr old bballer:

Thanks guys! Let’s keep this up past just today, it’s going to take a concerted effort and Twitter never sleeps!


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  • So did you just turn your blog into a promo and fundraising tool for your film overnight? I do kind of like the concept of you blogging about your experience doing this, but now you are touching the realm of shameless self promotion. I love your blog and everything, but come on..

    • What an unfair and dickish comment. Can’t you just browse the free content and keep it moving?

    • Wow. It’s not like as a filmmaker that I want to make a film or anything…

      NoFilmSchool’s been around for 18 months and will continue after this campaign is over — successful or not. The vast majority of posts that I’ve been writing during this campaign are NOT about the fundraiser (but I do write them at the expense of spending time on the campaign). It’s a very difficult one month push, then it will be over, and everything will go back to normal. All I ask for is your understanding.

      I sincerely hope that any other filmmaker would understand what it’s like to have a project that you feel you have to make, no matter what. With that in mind, I honestly think I’m NOT shamelessly self-promoting: I’m a filmmaker who’s trying to make a film. But everyone is welcome to their own opinion…

      • Koo, you’re a classy dude. Allow me to point out what you’re too polite to: This is YOUR website. Put whatever the hell you want on it. Anybody who doesn’t like it has several billion other sites to visit.

      • Koo, your Posts about your Kickstarter Campaign are as full of Value than the other posts here. Maybe even more for Guys that wanna go that route too. So keep up the posts.

      • Hey Koo!

        I’ve been tweeting like mad…definitely behind you on focusing all efforts (website included) on this campaign. At the end of the day, we all win, since you’re sharing your experiences, start to finish, with us. Please let us know how else we can help!

      • Koo, please don’t let guys like that get to you – or rather get to “that guy”. All filmmakers should understand. I’ll get my tweet on!

      • @koo NO they’re not. If you have a dickish opinion like Andrew is not welcome to post it on this site we have come to love. I know how hard it can be to get a film made and funding is a major hurdle for indies so any self respecting indie should atleast appreciate/ respect this noble effort.Go Koo! its only for a month anyways.

    • I don’t think Koo’s self-promotion is shameless at all. First, as much free content as he’s given away over the past 1.5 years, I think he’s entitled to as much self-promotion as he likes. Second, I actually love all his blogging about it. He’s creating a blue print for a successful Kickstarter campaign (assuming he is successful). Lastly, as someone else pointed out, it is HIS blog. If you can’t promote yourself on your own blog, where can you?

    • Ella Sadler on 09.6.11 @ 8:28PM

      Yo Andrew! Good luck funding YOUR next project. You can bet everyone here’ll be eager to help after your class act above…

      Self-promotion’s a bitch. More power to you, Koo. Sideliners taking potshots usually means you’re doing something right…

    • * you have to admit Andrew was pretty successful at bringing out A LOT of truly positive energy towards Koo… if a guy came to me and called me ugly and half the town came to my rescue pointing out how absolutely awesome I am in every way, including looks, I’d be grinning like that cat in wonderland (and Koo: you deserve this reaction)

      * I’ll change my signature at dvxuser to promote manchild, and I’ll raise my pledge too; I want to read about Koo making his movie; not only will that be awesome for him, it will be great for me too, I know I’ll learn a lot

  • Gonna have to agree with Shawn here. Andrew, get a life, mate. This site has been always been awesome and there’s nothing wrong with what Koo’s doing. If you want to get a film made you have to keep pushing. Self promotion is what gets a lot of shit done in this industry. You could have the best script in the world sat there on your computer but if you can’t get it in front of the right people you may as well not have written it. If you don’t like it, do as Shawn says or go somewhere else. I’m sure there’s plenty of room on the AICN boards if you want to flame people for trying to get ahead. Koo – keep it up and I really hope it succeeds. You deserve it and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  • Philip Bloom on 09.6.11 @ 3:23PM

    Wow. Andrew, what a ridiculous comment. If he isn’t going to push to make his film….are you??

  • No Film School doesn’t charge fore their free DSLR Cini Guide or website content which is very good.

    I ponied up $10 when you first announced #Manchild for several reasons:

    1. No Film School has provided me with a wealth of helpful information.
    2. While I am not a huge basketball fan, I enjoyed your pitch and I am looking forward to leaning about the process of making the film as well as watching the film itself.
    3. Filmmakers like Koo don’t create sites like this to make money. They share their knowledge and interact with others. Asking for a few bucks isn’t out of line.

  • I was umming and ahhing about donating – trying to get a feature off the ground myself so got my own problems – but now, after reading Andrew’s frankly out of order comment, I’m gonna put some money in first thing tomorrow morning. There you go, Koo, you first donation fueled almost entirely by spite! Just kidding, I want to see you get it made too.

  • even during the busy and uncertain time of working on the film campaign – you still find ways to make it a helpful, learning experience for the readers of this site. posting what you’ve learned/ways we as readers can improve with funding our own projects is something i greatly respect. anyone who has a problem with it doesn’t deserve all the effort you put into this site every day.

  • Koo im having a hard time trying to figure out how to get the word out on twitter in a way that makes sense in 140 characters. A few of the BBall players have shown some replied interest, but im having a hard time getting them to understand what it is at first glance…these are pro basketball players..not NASA scientists. Could you create some kind of 140 character form letter tweet that we can copy/past easily that gets your point across and doesnt come off sounding spammish? I really want to help, but i need your help.

    • Yeah, I see your Tweets, they’re pretty damn good. I think the one thing to make sure you include is that it’s a fundraising campaign to make the movie — otherwise they might assume it’s already a finished film. I’ll include some examples in the post — and thanks Nate!

      • Thanks Koo,
        I just used a couple of those examples and tweeted the shit out of about 20 NBA players. Ill also try and get it spread around with a few of the NFL players I tweet with locally from the Indianapolis Colts. Hopefully one of these guys throws down a few G’s themselves. #NFSstreetteam

  • Hey Koo I support what yr doing and really hope to get this dream of yrs accomplished. I have posted the kickstarter page on my facebook 2nd time now will keep doing it for the best of the project. Havent tweeted as all my contacts are on facebook.. will personally request them too. Common buddy lets keep on trying.

  • Best wishes Koo! I’m not a bball fan, but I get a lot of great info from your site, so if I can help pay you back, count me in. I really can’t believe someone would actually complain about you promoting yourself on your own site?! Seriously?? Dude needs to get a life.

  • 30 more doors Koo … 30 more doors. Hope this gives you a lift:
    Good luck!

  • Isaac Haig on 09.7.11 @ 1:24AM

    Hey fellow dreamer…..let’s fuckin’ do this!! I so completely appreciate everything you do for the indie film community so let’s make this happen. I’ll do all that I can in terms of promotion and support and challage others to do the same. Not only do I really want to see this movie, but this will prove to myself and the rest of the billion budding filmmakers out there that hard work and generosity pay off and pay forward!

  • What if all this posts about fundraising also help us filmmakers to think as producers, or at least to find different ways to get our projects done ? You should be happy that those advices are also free. As we say in France, “you’re just spitting in the soup”

  • Shameless? Of course it’s shameless. Why should Koo be ashamed? Shameless is good in my book in this instance.

  • I hate to point out the obvious here but if Koo has no production office staff, no accountants and lawyers, no studio agents, no silent backers, no managers nor anyone else, he has to assume the roll of ‘everyone’ at once and thus promote himself to the cows come home in order to finance the film. So to those who claim he is initiating ‘shameless self promotion’, well, actually, he is. That’s his job (as producer, director, distributor and line producer all rolled into one) to do so, and Man Child wont get made unless he does. Its also called ***producing***. So good on you Koo, its a great undertaking and hope you get to the 100% mark. Keep it up.
    With best wishes – SW.

  • Russell Steen on 09.7.11 @ 11:14AM

    As soon as I saw your request I was already thinking about how much to give because I have used your site to help me get a sense of what DSLR shooting filmmakers are doing and you do a great job of collecting information on various new products. Then I read your synopsis and thought, “Oh great, a sexually active 13 year old.” Just what we all need to see. Science vs religion in a basketball movie? I know the millions of hours I spent playing basketball it was all we talked about, that is when we were bored with Camus and Sarte. I know your fans will go apoplectic on me, but I’m also hung on the science vs religion question through the eyes of a 13 yr. old inner city basketball player in a somewhat documentary style film. For a no film school guy you seem to have adopted a common film school student approach, infuse edgy, dark, ammoral and controversial into everything. Come to think of it, it’s also the new rap artist approach, and the new pop singer, and the new alternative band, and the new. . . Your abilities are obvious Koo, so you needn’t fret about getting drafted into the big leagues. Your success in the film industry is assured. I know some will read this as anger or jealousy, but it’s not. Just frustrated in our culture’s technology assisted visually impressive musicaly scored race to the bottom.

    • Russell,

      It’s not done to be “amoral” or simply to get a rise out of people. And it’s not inner city. Believe me, it’d be much easier to try to crowdfund a film that doesn’t seem controversial in any way. I realize it’s a difficult ask given there’s only a short synopsis of the campaign, but I’d ask that you reserve judgement of these elements in particular until you see the film…



    • I’m not sure I understand your critique. Are you saying the notion of a 13-year-old, sexually active protagonist is a barrier to you being able to contribute?

      If so, I certainly wouldn’t try and dissuade you from any moral leanings.

      But I do think that a thoughtful critic should at the very least grant a filmmaker his or her subject and judge the work on its merits and shortcomings. In other words, instead of telling him to make the movie the way you would, assess what kind of job he does on the movie he wants to make.

      And for that, as Koo said, you’d need to see the film.

  • Russell Steen on 09.7.11 @ 4:39PM

    I’m too old to attempt meaningful conversations in three sentences or less, and I obviously need a spell checker. I applaud you for being upfront enough that those who back your project can’t say they didn’t expect it to be controversial.


  • if you somehow get lebron james to tweet it, it’s game over!

  • Koo, Try posting on to UIWTV on youtube. This is a San Antonio University page.
    There is also a UTSA university page.

    • Koo,

      I’ve done what you asked me to do.
      I posted your link onto my Face book page, tweeted and sent out a blanket email.
      If I could have linked it to my two You tube channels I would have.
      I hope it helps and good luck.

  • hey don’t take this the wrong way but as i scrubbed through the video i landed on you saying “ummm” about 14/16 times haha

    really love your site and hoping manchild gets some more exposure :)

    • Hey, cut me some slack — it was recorded at 4AM! Also, this is a one-man Kickstarter campaign, not a professionally-produced PR junket. I’m finding that if I carefully rehearse a line it doesn’t come across as earnest, so it’s better to speak genuinely, “ums” be damned!

  • Hey Koo maybe you should draft a list of twitter accounts and websites that would make for good promoters of the project, and publish it on kickstarter to orchestrate your supporters into “lobby”ing them to promote. It might come off as spamesque but if you play the wording correctly I’m sure people would love to help. And if not that, I would still recommend giving specific instructions as to what people can do to help promote your awesome project. Good luck!!

  • It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this outstanding blog!
    I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed
    to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will share this site with my Facebook group.
    Chat soon!