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The Edelkrone FocusONE PRO Follow Focus Takes One-Man-Band to a Whole New Level

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There are plenty of interesting designs for follow focuses out there, and some just take the basic design and make it cheap and sturdy. Edelkrone is known for coming up with fascinating solutions to problems that exist with filmmaking gear, and the FocusONE PRO is no exception. If you’re using DSLRs and doing all of the shooting yourself, this looks like it could be a really innovative way to get marks quickly that can be repeated relatively easily.

Here’s a little bit from DSLR News Shooter on the new follow focus:

One unique feature of edelkrone follow focus units is the lack of a traditional marking disk. edelkrone provide a rotating focus marker instead – which they claim does away with the need for a marker pen or tape and still gives accurate start and end positions.

While in theory this should make it much easier to find marks, I think there are situations where this could actually work against you, especially if you think you’re going back to the right mark but you are actually looking at the wrong line. Either way, it looks like you can write on that disk, so you could still use this in the traditional way if you wanted to. The big advantage to this follow focus is that if you’re the only person operating the camera, you can actually see the marks, as opposed to most designs that are made to be used with an assistant camera person.

Besides the design, the actual performance of the follow focus is unclear without actually using it. If it works, it could be an interesting option coming in at only $290 when it starts shipping July 9.

What do you guys think — specifically for those of you who would like a follow focus but do all of the camera operating yourself?

Link: edelkrone FocusONE PRO

[via DSLR News Shooter]

Disclosure: edelkrone is a NoFilmSchool advertiser.


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  • Interesting concept. Although I’m so used to pulling focus from the side (most of the time at least, probably good practice anyway) that this won’t work for me, but I can definitely see where it could come in handy for other single operators.

    • Hey Kyle,
      It looks to me like you’ll still be pulling focus from the side, but you’ll be able to see your marks much easier this way if you’re shooting alone, right?

  • I wish there was a way to dial in additional marks without reverting back to a dry erase.

    • +1

      I hope that withe disk is suitable for marker pen, since just one mark isn’t of much help for rack focusing. Some times you may need even more than 2 marks.

  • The lines could be numerated. It’s easier t remember a number or fraction, than visually what line it was.

  • Paul Stephen Edwards on 06.30.12 @ 11:14AM

    Grease pencils. Different color for each mark.

  • I sure hope they’ve got better QC on this version than on the non-Pro FocusOne model. They shipped the previous version far too soon and many customers had models with defects (bits rattling inside, badly lined up crank shaft and as much as 1cm of backlash). That said, Edelkrone does have good customer service and seems to have worked hard in responding to customers complaints unlike RedRock Micro who are currently leaving a ton of customers in the dark as to the shipping status of their remote follow focus unit.

    On paper I like the concept of the FocusOne-Pro but only if it works flawlessly, My worry would be how solid it would be with only a 1-rod attachment design. In my experience when you’re only connected to one rod you get slippage.

    • I just received my Focus One Pro today, and this is exactly what I’m experiencing. I cannot torque down the knob tight enough to keep it from rotating on the 15mm rod…without risking breakage or stripping of the threads. When the slightest amount of resistance is reached in focussing, then the gear teeth “back off” a little and the wheel just spins. I’m using Nikon AF G lenses set on manual, btw.
      I’ve sent a comment to them…let’s see what they say. Before purchasing the unit, I asked them if there were any problems experienced with having only one attachment point (one 15mm rod) and they said “no”…I should have stuck with my gut on this.

  • Lanparte.

  • Would be even better if they added numbers at regular intervals.

  • It is really good for pulling focus without an assistant because you can clearly see the disc – but I don’t think it is very practical like this. It still should have one big middle marker that I can use to match with my own colored marks on the disc.
    I mean when you’re shooting shoulder mount and have to pull focus yourself, you can only give it a quick glimpse – no way you can count these little markers that quickly. It has to be big and clear so you can check it in a fraction of a second.

  • Interesting concept but I don’t think they have consulted with users, looks like a piece of kit designed by an engineer who has never been an operator!

    I don’t see the vernier scale as any use without a way of marking specific points and being so small it would probably be hard to hit the right mark. Distinguishing one micro mark/line whilst also following action would be darn near impossible.

    If they had added either one or multiple alignable pointers than I feel this could have the potential to be an excellent unit, but as it is currently designed, it’s a no go for me.

  • @ Hugh

    Please, dont talk shit. They designed the FF for the Single DSLR User and Semi-Pro. A High End Professional uses other gear. The funny thing is that if a upcoming foreign company is designing new gear……almost all of you guys are bashing on it but you also bought the many crap gear from Redrock, Cinevate and Zacuto for much more money which offered much less in detail features.

    The guys from Edelkrone did something new…the rigs are fantastic…the FF v1.0 was not ready but the FF Pro is much better it is improved and If you encountered the great service support of the guys. Yeah…it tooks a few weeks and months but I never encountered so honest help.

    Gini fucked me twice with gears and shipment….and I never got more than 2-3 weeks attention. TrusMt the same crap. For Users in europe…..Edelkrone is in turkey…DHL shipps in few days…returns are not expensive and the guys are very helpful.

    So…..critize as much as you want but be clear what measerument you are using….if you are working in commvercials (I mean real with big budget for BMW, IBM or Nike) then you would use arri or other pro gear as rental. If you are just an dslr filmmaker (even you are trying to be viewed as Pro…which you are not) just dial 1-2 tones back and accept the focus marking dial as a “good” idea which maybe can be progressed in future.

    Its the same like with all the moron GH2 User which are crying for global shutter in the coming Gh3….but even High End HD Camera Companies are not using global shutter why should something under 5000 Dollars should have it?

    So….cut the crap about the ff markings (which sure can be more perfect) because sometimes I read so many crap critics and then I see what crap these guys are filming with their gear….I start to think….he filmed in 4k and L lenses and he claims he isa pro (and wants better ff markings on the FF) but he makes crap movies…the look like crap in 4k.

    Finally, I say thanks to Edelkrone…..I will sell my old FF on ebay and will get the Edelkrone FF Pro…..i like the design…..I know the built quality of edelkrone gear and I know if i get problems the guys will do their best to help me. Prices are fair and not overpriced like Zacuto, Cinevate or crap chinese lanparte.


    Adamski W.

  • i share the view of adamski, edelkrone is a great vcompany with a fantastic support. i do habe the modular rig 5, which i can split up to smaller units, if i like to and i have the focus one, which had a defect. i told edelkrone about it and just received the new pro model for free. i cannot imagine any other company doing a replacement like this. edelkrone does care , they do answer emails and listen to the advice of their customers. no arrogance there like in other companies. finally the prices they charge for their gear are impressive low. i own a zakuto target shooter, made of two short metal rods and a plastic shoulder piece, for which zacuto charged 400 euros, a piece of gear, that probably costs maximum 30 euros in the making. and still that piece is tricky, when it comes to adjusting the angle of the rods (at least one rod falls to the ground).
    edelkrone is innovative and good and reasonable. when they make a mistake, they take care of it, and they make very few mistakes… greetings, david

  • It looks nice, and I can see the possible problems for hitting marks. However, to me, the biggest problem looks like the awkwardness of operating it. Unless the lens is far out in front of you, you will have to twist your hand/wrist uncomfortably in order to rotate the knob. It’s great that as an operator you can see the scale, but for ergonomics, a side facing control is more comfortable, and easy to operate.

  • @Adamski W.
    Man you are so right. You just convinced me. I ll order it too. cheers

  • “My worry would be how solid it would be with only a 1-rod attachment design. In my experience when you’re only connected to one rod you get slippage.”

    I have to agree, some of the older legacy lenses and the newer heavier DSLR lenses are hard to pull focus with, and if you also want to use a FF gear for your manual zooming, you need all the frictional force you can muster. With but a single rod holding the entire FF gear mechanism, you would be asking for trouble. I will only buy a FF that is fastened to both 15/19mm rods, not just to one. I can spend the extra 10 seconds putting it on and taking it off.

    Other thing, the actual dial that you operate (w. Arri whip crank hole in the middle) is placed traditionally, what changes is the market dial which is now facing you, the sole shooter. So far so good, but they should have kept the plan white dial and have some ingenious way of marking your own witness points on it somehow. As things stands now, that central outer ring disc with the numberless tiny marks is totally useless, you would still need to mark your own distances, man, one way or the other.

    Their videos and text says nothing about how, all they keep repeating is that the FocusOne Pro FF does not need a marking pen. I think that it does, they all do.

  • Here is my video review of the Focus One Pro and the Modula 5, not quite so glowing i’m afraid.

    • From a guy that has never used a broadcast camera. Complained about front heavy DSLR and deleted after a few professional videographers had a word with Patrick. Edelkrone have made an awesome video rig to cater for many cameras.