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Version 7 of Avid Media Composer Now Available and Cheaper than Ever

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Media Composer 7We covered the announcement of Avid Media Composer 7 back in April at NAB 2013. Since that time, we’ve gotten new versions of all the Creative Suite applications, and Apple’s FCP-X has been gaining traction with editors around the world. Needless to say, the NLE market is more competitive than ever, and innovation is through the roof while prices are at an all-time low for professional editing solutions. Avid’s new offerings with Media Composer 7 are no exception. With some fantastic new features – alongside a drastic reduction in price – Media Composer is looking to stay competitive in the high-resolution editing future. 

Here’s a video from NAB that outlines the new features:

Perhaps the area in which Media Composer has been lacking most in the past few years has been its nonexistent support of higher than HD resolution files. Considering the 4k direction the industry is headed, Avid’s new support for 4k content, as well as a slew of new tools for reframing and applying LUTs to this high-resolution content, are essential pieces of Avid maintaining relevancy in the industry. Here’s another quick video from Avid that goes into further depth with some of these new features:

One of the most welcome new features in Avid, however, is the addition of new media management tools which allow various types of transcoding tasks to be automated and run in the background while you continue to edit. Anyone who’s dealt with past versions of MC knows the pain of setting up an import/transcode and walking away for an hour and a half. Good riddance, says this editor.

The thing that’s most likely going to keep Avid competitive in a market that’s somewhat saturated with affordable professional editing options is the price drop. Now that the Avid suite of tools starts at $1000, it’s right where Final Cut Studio was priced several years ago, with what many argue is a superior set of tools. However, the $1000 price point still puts Avid at the bottom of the list in terms of affordability compared to the other major NLE options, so it’ll be interesting to see if Avid can continue to snatch new users.

Media Composer 7 (as well as Pro Tools 11) is now available to purchase and download on the Avid website.

What do you guys think? Are these new features in Avid behind the curve or are they just in time to keep up with industry trends? Will Media Composer be able to stay competitive with these new features and new price? Let us know in the comments!

Link: Media Composer 7 – Avid


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  • Why does it seems like people are always editing car commercials in there NLE ad videos?

  • Most of the high-end editors I know of are using Avid. The majority of your major bands use Pro Tools. Media Composer used to be $2,500… now its $1,500 cheaper, so it’s really affordable now. Even as a long time Premiere user I have to say that Media Composer with Pro Tools is a pretty compelling and powerful combination compared to Premiere / Audition. I’m still using the CS6 Master Collection and I won’t be signing up for Creative Crap unless Adobe comes up with a way for me to access my source files (Intellectual Property) on exit. Adobe is forcing me to evaluate an Avid direction, which could be for the better.

    • Even with many using Media Composer/Symphony – most post houses will still want latest versions of After
      Effects and Photoshop. I think Adobe bundling everything together with CC – kind of locks in some sales no matter what NLE people are using.

      • I can agree with After Effects. It’s a great tool and a hard one to replace. I’ll still be able to use Photoshop CS6 for a number of years if I have to. Most everything else I can replace.

    • Why not just store your files locally? You don’t have to use the cloud, it’s just added value.

      • You don’t have to save your files in the cloud. You can save them locally. That’s not the issue. The problem is once you create a CC source file (psd, fla, ai, prproj, etc.) and quit CC, or can’t continue because of a financial hardship let’s say, then it becomes an issue going back to CS6 when any new CC functionality was used. From the Adobe forums people are reporting they can’t even open a Premiere CC project file in Premiere CS6 at all. But backwards-compatibility to CS6 is not the solution to the source file issue anyway. The core issue is a legal one when Adobe denies users access to their own Intellectual Property in the first place.

        • It’s cheaper in the long (short?) run. It’s substantially more affordable than it was in the past. Which means people who are good at balancing their budget are benefiting vastly. People who hit a financial hardship probably weren’t great business people to begin with, and just weren’t budgeting correctly.

          I think the underlying issue is people are angry they won’t be able to pirate the software as they did in the past, and it’s ruffling some entitled feathers.

          Backwards compatibility is the biggest issue, I agree.

          • People who have financial hardship probably weren’t good business people? Since we’re making poorly constructed sweeping generalizations I’m going to guess you’re in your early twenties, have little to know practical business experience, and haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on globally for the past several years.

          • @Mitch – All of your assumptions are incorrect. I’m 44. I have 20+ years in graphic design and have been an Adobe user since 1999. I have a tremendous amount of business experience as I’ve been running my own S-Corp for going-on 6 years. In the future I would suggest initializing more respect toward people you have no knowledge of.

          • @razor – mitch was obviously refering to August, not to you. in fact, mitch was kind of defending you… which makes you look all the more douchy.

    • Larry Johnson on 06.29.13 @ 8:39AM

      Or you can make Premiere/ Pro Tools wich is very good, remember the OMF….

  • I may pick up a copy of this for personal use. Would love to get back into AVID.
    However, I don’t understand the CC backlash – I’ve had no problem with it. I can’t stand Prem’s media management tools, but otherwise its very good.

  • i’ve just installed the demo version since I’m used to FCPX now and I wanted to go back to avid…my in my computer never initializes….is anybody in the same situation?

    • Make sure you restart your computer after the first install of Media Composer.

      • yeah i know and of course I did it…but when it opens it start loading plugins and when it arrives to Audio plugins it just simply stops….no freeze, no hang up…nothing it simply stays there :)

        • Sounds like it could be a conflict with an audio driver. I’m not sure what your setup is, but if you are by chance using on-board sound, or have a Sound Blaster card (Creative has a long history of bad drivers)… I would suggest trading up to an HT Omega, or RME.

          • welll i’m at home…. iMac 2013 i7 8gb ram…gtx680….I think it’s quite enough…but i also installed the demo of MC 6,5 and it didn’t work either…so i don’t know if it hardware or mountain lion…. :) but it could be nice to give it a try..

  • Nigel Thompson on 06.28.13 @ 9:09PM

    Fun times….. Used to be an Avid editor …. Switched to FCP, and now I’m heading back. Still gonna get FCPX because I’m interested in the new editing paradigm. But MC7 will be my staple

  • yeah, it’s real good. gotta get it.

  • Why does every NLE on PC require NVIDIA cards to maximize performance? I have a 6gb ATI 7970, I would also like good performance in rendering speed. How did NVIDIA monopolize PC (on Mac, premiere pro and final cut support ati cards)?

    • Terence Kearns on 07.5.13 @ 4:34AM

      There is a thread about that in the mercury playback engine thread somewhere on Adobe forums. Basically the developers said that OpenCL wasn’t realiable for the stuff they wanted to do with it. The NVIDIA stuff worked as advertised. A couple of other programmers backed up the Adobe guys. Maybe Open CL is better now but the damage is done. I saw Adobe announced that Premiere CC now supports OpenCL but it ironically appears to be for Windows only at this stage (where most Macs come with ATI).

  • Terence Kearns on 07.5.13 @ 4:44AM

    I’ve been evaluating MC6.5 in the lead up to v7, and so far so good. It’s a bit clunky in the interface department, but it seems pretty reliable which is what I want. I think i will definitely switch. I’m gonna have to save up for that license, but I think it will be worth it. I’d like to do same-day-edits (SDE) for wedding vids sometime soon. The thing the NAB guy talked about seems similar to Adobe’s Prelude which would be excellent for SDEs. Will look at getting an Alienware laptop to run it (and nothing else).

    I want my NLE to be bullet-proof for a smooth, reliable, predictable workflow…