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First Full-Quality ProRes Clips from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Have Been Released

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Try Your Hand at Grading Some Original Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Footage - nofilmschoolThey may be shipping in relatively small quantities, but there are at least a few Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras floating around. If you haven’t ordered one yet, it’s probably going to be a while (since the pre-order list is long), but if you’ve been disappointed by Vimeo-only footage, we’ve got some camera-original ProRes clips for you to mess around with. Click through to check those out.

First up is footage from Hook, which you can download here. This footage is from his Auckland video we recently shared:

We’ve also got a clips from John Brawley. First are files with people and motion in the frame that you can download here, and then some more static shots you can find here (these were all shot in film mode on the Pocket, which is like log). Some people have tried their hand at grading the footage, here are a few samples with grading and stabilization from :

This  test showing what different FilmConvert profiles can do to the footage:

The last grading test I’ll be doing (publicly) with John Brawley’s Pocket Cinema Camera footage. This time around a grade which was meant to be a quick grade but took several hours to put together. It’s done using FilmConvert with basic settings and using the ‘Blackmagic Cinema Camera Film’ profile. Nothing was done to the original footage before applying the FilmConvert filter in Premiere Pro CC. Film Grain was kept at 100%, as was Film Color. With the lake-view shots I also increased exposure with 0.08, marginal, but it just looked better that way

Not all film stocks from FilmConvert were used, I made a selection of seven stocks.

Here is  take on the rest of the footage in the second batch:

Dynamic range looks pretty good in these test clips. The footage has a very similar look to the original BMCC, and that makes perfect sense since they are supposedly from the same sensor family — with the Pocket simply being a scaled down version. We don’t have any RAW clips to play around with yet, as RAW is not yet finished on the camera, but you can still push these quite a bit. Just like with the BMCC, I was able to push color and saturation a lot, since the log mode on these cameras is relatively flat.

All in all, not bad for a camera that’s only going to run you $1,000. There isn’t another camera in this price range capable of putting out a log image that is this malleable without many penalties, so it’s impressive to say the least.

What do you guys think of the footage? Feel free to post your graded versions.


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  • Hey! One short question …

    Are all of these Micro Four Third lenses you can buy from Olympus (for example) lenses that fit the Super16mm-format? Means … If i would put on one like the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45 mm 1:1.8


    is there a cropfactor of 3 than or do I get real 45mm?


  • I have cancelled my order yesterday with “magic multi media” in Munich:
    I have ordered in April, right after the NAB, had to pay the full price immediately, I am on No. 6 in the list, this online reseller got only 1, in words “one”!!! camera.

    Today, 18th Oct. I read at “nofilmschool” a comment from Joe Marine 7 days ago :

    “Regarding shipping, it looks like the Pocket cameras are starting to become more available, I walked in without a pre-order and picked one up from Rule Boston Camera, and I was told that more will likely be coming in.”

    This was one week ago!!!

    There is no doubt: In Germany we pay the highest price, about 1200 US Dollar, but we are the last to receive.

    Germany is obviously not on Blackmagic’s priority list!

    Now, Blackmagic is not on my priority list any more!

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  • Hey Im a complete newby when it comes to any of this… but i would like to make it hobby. Im pretty dead set on buying this camera but what did you use to color grade these videos… im about to buy final cut pro x but is there anything else i need to get or do?

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