Clipboard1-125x69A couple days ago I posted a poll asking readers what they would prefer: more daily posts culled from around the web, or less posts focused on original content. As an experiment, I asked the same question here on the blog and on the DSLR Guide -- but made them separate polls, to see if different visitors wanted different content. As it turns out, the opposite of what I expected was true.

Here were the two options:

  • Go out there and grab the important stuff and make this into a daily resource for filmmakers!
  • Just add what you know, don't "reblog" news -- focus on writing good, original content.

I figured DSLR Guide visitors would've wanted more original content (since that's what the DSLR Guide is) and home page visitors would've wanted more daily posts. Strangely, the opposite was true. 68% of DSLR Guide voters wanted more daily content, while 56% of home page voters wanted more original content. Where does this leave us overall?


Basically split down the middle. Thus the result of the poll (and comments) is that I'm going to try to make the site the best of both worlds. I'm also working on a design refresh that will integrate Twitter and other social feeds (along the lines of the Wordpress Lifestream plugin) to keep the front page lively, even when there are less updates. Thanks for taking the poll!