4615890485_e29a401710_o-224x158Robert Pratten has posted another thoughtful entry about transmedia development at the Workbook Project, this time about prioritizing and selecting platforms for transmedia projects. It's easy to think about how to extend a film project to web, mobile, and gaming platforms, but unless we have realistic goals in mind for each platform, it doesn't make sense to do it just for the sake of doing it. His advice:
Think of the story as has having two components: "the story” - the whole world that’s created with all the characters stretching out in chronological order. “The experience” – how the storyworld is revealed to the audience (timing and platforms). Note that the story might be much larger than the project you’re working on now.

You can download the entire piece [PDF], or read part one at the Workbook Project, and part two at Zen Films. There's also an Excel worksheet at Zen Films (note: it's an .xlsx file, which wouldn't open on my Mac).