Cine-gear-expo-home-125x69The gear videos keep coming from last weekend's Cine Gear Expo in Hollywood. In this post we'll see new tools and products from Anton Bauer, Zacuto, Jag35, LiteGear, ViewFactor, and more.

DV Culture meets with Jag35, makers of very aggressively-priced DSLR accessories: gets the scoop from Steve Weiss of Zacuto, who has a new viewfinder model and some other accessories to show:

DV Culture gets the spiel from Michael Cioni of LIGHTIRON Digital, who shows off their system for generating iPad dailies: takes a look at Anton Bauer's latest battery belt, which I can say is an underrated thing to have on guerilla shoots -- power in the field is always scarce.

DV Culture talks to Al DeMayo of LiteGear, makers of interesting LED lighting solutions:

DV Culture gets the scoop from Curt Von Badinski of View Factor Studios, first about some crazy circular DSLR rig and then about their $500 digital follow focus. This FF controls Canon's automatic lenses via the USB port (he mentions the possibility of a wireless upgrade for another $500):

I don't know if that's everything from Cine Gear, but something tells me there's still more to come. Any of this stuff look useful to you?

In case you missed them, here are parts 1, 2, and 3 of this Cine Gear series.