From-baghdad-to-brooklynNow that U.S. troops are leaving Iraq, we'll probably be hearing a lot less about Iraq and a lot more about Afghanistan (and innocuous mosques) in the daily news. But that is not to say that the ongoing conflicts in Iraq will be lessened in any way, other than in our perception. One such Iraqi conflict relates to rise of homophobia in the muslim world. From Baghdad to Brooklyn is a DIY documentary focused on this conflict, though after watching the trailer I did find myself left with one complaint. Well, two really:

The first is in response to the trailer's inclusion of a "gay man shopping" montage, which is about as surprising as would be an "Asian man playing videogames" montage. Regardless, pet peeves aside, I'm posting this here not because I'm particularly interested in an Iraqi Bruno but rather because I think the film has a chance to put a human face on the faraway, extreme version of a conflict currently unfolding closer to home in California and Mexico.

I'd like to start spotlighting more in-progress crowdfunding campaigns (this is only the third to date), but I could do so much more effectively if crowdfunders would do one thing (this is my second complaint). For anyone embarking on a crowdfunding campaign, make your trailer embeddable! For whatever reason, Kickstarter's video player is not embeddable. Therefore it's up to you to make it available on Vimeo, YouTube, or any other site that allows people to actually share the video clip with which you're trying to raise money! Instead, I'm forced to excerpt the blurb alone:

FROM BAGHDAD TO BROOKLYN is a film that takes place amidst the Iraqi refugee crisis, told through the story of Mohamed, a gay Iraqi refugee. It chronicles his quest for a better life amidst persecution, and his unlikely friendship with an American journalist who advocates for his asylum in the United States. But this is not a typical “westerner saves the day” portrait, as we learn that all is not what it seems with Mohamed. The film will shatter stereotypes of Iraqis, challenge preconceived notions of victimhood, and examine the real reasons behind selfless actions.

Link: From Baghdad to Brooklyn