No Film School is Now Open for Advertising

Are you a DSLR accessory manufacturer, camera company, software developer, or anyone whose customers are filmmakers and independent creatives? You can now advertise on No Film School for as little as $1/day. As far as readers are concerned, very little is going to change with this development, as there have long been ads on No Film School.

However, to date all ads appearing here have been Google AdSense ads, which means Google targets them automatically (and takes a 32% cut for doing so, which is perfectly reasonable). As far as the experience of reading the site goes, nothing should change -- except I hope to get more relevant ads this way (film and software company ads should be more interesting than weight-loss ads or whatever it is Google decides to run).

As you can see at left, the site has grown a lot since relaunching in January. From nothing to something! But as I've illustrated in the past, ads have been a very small slice of the pie for this site, and by growing that slice I hope to be able to move No Film School closer to hiring additional writers, in turn adding a lot more helpful content. The site is paying my rent now (barely), but I have a lot of ideas for features that I simply don't have the time to write (while simultaneously trying to get movies made). And I can't hire more writers unless I find a way to grow the revenue.

The only "negative" side effect for readers may be that I have to switch the RSS feed from full content to excerpts, since integrating ads into the RSS feed is difficult. This is nothing new, however, as most major websites only give RSS subscribers a partial feed for exactly this reason -- you can't be charging advertisers to run ads on your content, and then give it away for free elsewhere. Like all things I do, I'll share what I learn in the process; in fact, my traffic stats are completely transparent, as you can find them on Google's DoubleClick Ad Planner.

Thanks as always for visiting, and if you know anyone who might want to be advertise here, send 'em this way.

Link: Advertise on No Film School

[HDR Times Square photo by Stuck In Customs]

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