WwwAmong the dozens of booths touting cool gadgets at this weekend's PhotoPlus Expo was Glidecam, whose camera stabilization devices (otherwise known in popular lexicon as, ahem, Steadicams) are always a hit on show floors. However, while it's always easy to pick up a pre-configured device and take a few steps with it, the real trick with camera stabilizers is to spend the time to set them up and balance them just right. Because it's by no means plug-and-play, Cristina Valdivieso from CanonFilmmakers.com has recorded a good how-to video for setting up a Glidecam, step-by-step:

For a demo of a Glidecam/DSLR combo in action, here are some impressive (especially given the price point) examples of a Glidecam 2000 and 5D Mark II at work:

I've shot with Steadicams in the past (both small and large), but haven't worked with a Glidecam. Which camera stabilizers do you have experience with, positive or negative?

[via Philip Bloom]