Jag-electronic-follow-focus-224x109Jag35, known for ultra-affordable DSLR accesories, has jumped into the electronic follow focus game with a very aggressively-priced unit retailing for under $200. It's initially available in a wired version, with a wireless unit available sometime in the future. How does the Jag35 measure up?

For my own uses, I find I don't need a true wireless follow focus, as I haven't yet had the luxury of having someone else pull focus for me. But what I do need is something that allows me to pull focus from a more supportive position (i.e., keeping both hands on a rig's hand grips), and a wired electronic follow focus will allow just that. Here's a quick look at the unit in action:

One of the first issues that comes to mind is the noise. As Jehu notes, this video was recorded with the internal microphone; however, even with a shotgun mic several feet away, it sounds like the motor would be audible. Time will tell once shooters get ahold of these units, which are very affordable (their closest competition looks to be Redrock Micro's yet-to-ship follow focus unit, which will be several times more expensive). But from the video (and the price tag), this unit looks to be the only electronic follow focus made for consumer (and sometimes prosumer) use.

And another video demo, this one more in-depth:

The Jag35 ships with different motor options, which affect pricing; here's the list.

J1 Motor $139
J2 Motor $159
J3 Motor $199
M1 Controller $159
LP-E6 plate $49
3.5mm control cable $9.99

Jag35 says beta units will begin shipping January 1st; more details at the links below. What do you think of this very affordable follow focus unit?

Link: Jag35 Electronic Remote Follow Focus system (product page)

[via planet5D]