Copy_of_dualeyes_avangateSingular Software's PluralEyes is the go-to plugin for editors who need to ingest footage from a dual-system shoot. When the audio was recorded on a separate recorder, and the recording medium lacks proper timecode (like, say, any HDSLR), PluralEyes analyzes the on-camera (low quality) audio and automatically syncs it to the audio recorder's (high quality) files. Voilà! To date, this software has only been available as a NLE plugin on the Mac, because DualEyes -- the same technology in a standalone software package -- was only available on Windows. Now Singular has released DualEyes for Mac, which lets you sync your files and bring them into any NLE (Final Cut Express or iMovie, for example). It's also discounted for a limited time (since expired):

Now through February 21, DualEyes is available for 20% off the normal $149 retail price (which brings it down to $119). As I've said in the past, this is software that pays for itself the first time you use it; that's how much time it saves if you're shooting dual-system. It's also available for Windows Vista (at full retail price, however).

Links: Pluraleyes, DualEyes

[via DSLR News Shooter]