Screen-shot-2010-12-01-at-4Miracle-working automatic synchronization software Pluraleyes is the absolute best way to sync sound in any less-than-ideal situation (where you don't have perfectly synched timecode -- or any timecode at all, for that matter). If you're shooting on an HDSLR and are recording audio to a separate device, this is a must-have. Now PluralEyes has finally come to the Mac version of Premiere Pro, and Singular Software is offering this version at a 20% discount until December 11 (since expired).

Here's a tutorial from Philip Bloom on using PluralEyes in Final Cut:

The software normally runs $150, but pays for itself on the first project on you use it on (via the time you save from having to sync audio and video by hand). Singular's offering 20% off the just-released Premiere Pro Mac version, which cuts $30 from the price (note this is the only version on sale).

Link: Pluraleyes

[via planet5D]