April 18, 2011

NAB Video: Cinevate's DSLR Rigs, Sliders, Viewfinder, and New LED Lights

I was a bit overwhelmed by all the gear on display at Cinevate's well-trafficked NAB booth, especially given I don't have the faintest clue about camera sliders. Better, then, to let the guys at FreshDV walk you through the Simplis DSLR rig, Atlas DSLR slider, new LED lights, and the Cyclops Viewfinder that will, packaged with a Sony monitor, soon join the other EVFs I saw at the show. If you don't feel a need to keep one eye free, the Cyclops has a unique (and very clear) viewport that immerses you more along the lines of that dude from Star Trek than a traditional one-eye viewfinder. Here's what they were showing at their booth:


Cinevate's LED lights look great and have very nice specs, but the web page for the lights hasn't launched yet; stay tuned. All in all I was impressed with the size, weight, and heat (or lack thereof) of their lights, which are a better match for DSLR-based filmmaking than ye olde hot and heavy tungsten lights.

Link: Cinevate

Disclosure: Cinevate is an advertiser on No Film School.

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Hey Koo,

I was wondering if You could give me advice about buying dslr rig. Since Im looking for a cheaper rig, I found that one in the net: http://www.monaceio.com/full_rig.html

If you have any experience with dslr rigs and time to look at it, please comment on that product.

Im using Cinevate slider Atlas 10 and Manfrotto videotripod Road Runner.


July 15, 2011 at 1:17AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM