Video-business-101-224x98Not everyone who reads this site is working on a feature film. Many of you make a living by running a video production company, and for some this is the ultimate goal. Take on clients, build a business shooting/editing/producing, and be your own boss. NextWaveDV have launched a training course designed to help production companies make a living independently, and I've got a discount coupon code for it below. Also, they're running a fundraiser for a neat new series, Film Scene, which will be "the show that takes scenes from your favorite movies and teaches you how to recreate them on an indie film budget."

Here's Video Business 101:

Use the coupon code "nofilmschool11" to get 10% off the introductory price of $50.

Rather than raise money to launch their new show Film Scene using something like Kickstarter, they're instead running a sale on items in their store. Film Scene sounds like a great idea, here's the trailer: