Joe_em-224x116There hasn't been a byline on my posts here because, for the past two years, I've written 1,054 out of the 1,078 total posts on this site. One of my favorite comments has been "you guys are doing a great job!" because it's actually just been one guy (except for these great guest posts). But that last post was not written by me. Until I get author names/pictures below the post titles, it might be a bit of a mystery as to who's writing here. So I'd like to introduce you to two new No Film School writers, Joe Marine and E.M. Taboada:

As for me, I'll still be posting and leading the site... but I also have a feature to make, and I need to slow down my daily blogging a bit to get out a new draft of Man-child. I believe adding Joe and Eugenio will make the site better than ever -- we're all here for you guys, and we always want to report the latest filmmaking news and tips to help you -- and us -- become better filmmakers. So do not be shy about sharing what topics you'd like to hear more about!

Without further ado, here are the new contributors to NFS:

Joe Marine

Joe-marine-224x173My name is Joe Marine and I began my humble filmmaking career in 2002, making a short film for a class project. That first experience actually dealing with the nuts and bolts of making movies -- shot, reverse shot, cutaway -- gave me a feeling like nothing I'd done before. But I wasn't completely convinced just yet.

The next year some friends and I entered a student-judged, teacher-run school film competition. We made a serious movie, but the film that won just so happened to be the film that made people laugh the most (this has been a trend). A little bummed at losing, I was completely surprised when I received a certificate saying that we'd won Best Dramatic Film. Yes, it was a made up award and basically a consolation prize, but it gave me the confidence that someone, somewhere could appreciate what I was trying to do. Since then that's been my goal: someone, somewhere will be moved by my storytelling as long as it is honest.

Fast forward and I attended Fitchburg State University in Fitchburg, MA, majoring in Communications Media and triple concentrating in Film, Video, and Photography. It's a small state school, but there are some terrific professors and it fosters a DIY attitude (not unlike this site) that has made me the filmmaker I am today. Since those early films I've Directed 13 shorts, a feature, and been a Director of Photography and Editor on a half dozen others.

I've been lucky enough to get to work on a couple shows for Discovery Channel, and I interned at Ridley Scott & Associates in 2010. Thanks to supportive peers and mentors, every step of the way has been a learning experience, and I don't expect this site to be any different. I look forward to learning as much as possible while writing for No Film School, and helping to further the DIY and Independent movements along the way.

Links: Vimeo, IMDb, Twitter

E.M. Taboada

EI'm a budding writer-director.

Over the past years I have had the opportunity to work in radio journalism, documentary assistant-editing, production office monkey-work and freelance videography. If there's one overarching lesson I've learned from those experiences it's this: everything that looks like magic from the outside can be boiled down to masterable skills and tasks once you see how it works from the inside.

I'm looking forward to sharing what I learn as I work towards becoming a better filmmaker and storyteller -- the good, the bad, and the perplexing -- all while learning from you, my fellow No Film Schoolers.