For those who are looking to immediately get a specific look with their C300, or are looking to match some Canon DSLRs in-camera, AbelCine has created some custom scene profiles. These profiles have a range of uses, but they are ideal when using minimal color correction in post, because most of them push the highlights quite a bit. The standard Canon Log profile is still good for getting a flat image as it retains as much detail as possible in the highlights and shadows.

Here's a description from their website on the profiles:

The C300 has several great default looks that can always be used. However, our profiles attempt to match other popular cameras, or give you the best performance in a given situation. We put together seven different files for you to choose from, which are outlined below.


First, a couple of notes on the profiles. I found that the camera has a hard time with yellow colors, which tend to turn a bit green. This was hard to adjust with the matrix controls, so I added a color correction fix to each profile. Area A in the color corrector is set to fix this problem, but it can be disabled without having an effect on skin tones. Additionally I reduced the sharpness in each profile to remove any edge enhancement, feel free to increase it as desired.

As an example, here is the scene file used to match the Canon DSLRs. To my eyes it looks to be doing a very good job at matching the standard profile in any Canon camera:


There's been a lot of debate about using the F3 over the C300, but the best way to look at anything is that there are specific cameras for specific jobs. If you aren't using an external recorder, then the C300 certainly has the better internal codec, and it's going to work better on a job with Canon DSLRs since you can use the EF mount lenses natively. These scene files would certainly work well on such a shoot.

You can download each scene file individually or you can download all of them at once using the link below. You should definitely go to AbelCine's site to check out the profiles and see if any of them fit your needs.

Link: AbelCine C300 Scene Files Description

AbelCine C300 Scene File - Download Link