Kick-light-iphone-demo-224x148You might recall that last month I wrote about The Kick --a camera mounted LED light that you can control with the iPhone-- and what it's features could mean for the future of studio lighting. The makers of The Kick have less than 48 hours to go on their Kickstarter campaign, and have shared more information about the Kick's features and upcoming accessories:

Additional Features:

  • Designed to be flicker free with a refresh rate of 25 kHz which does not change with varying power levels
  • Wireless control of multiple Kicks from a single iPhone
  • Color temperature presets for daylight, overcast, and tungsten light
  • Undo function for light settings
  • Battery life of 4-5 hours, or 1.5 hours at constant max brightness
  • 1/4-20 tripod mount

Rift Labs is also working on producing an accessory pack for The Kick:


To get an idea of how much light output you can get from The Kick, check out this Kickstarter update post,and if you want to delve into the science behind the design you can go here. The Kick looks like its going to be a great camera mounted light, and might also be useful as a practical light, hair light, an additional fill light, or if you're shooting El Mariachi style, you could use it as a key or fill light placed just out of frame. If you want to donate to Rift Labs' Kickstarter campaign and get a Kick, I suggest going for the Kick Plus at the $149 level, as the Kick Basic isn't wirelessly controllable.

Link: The Kick on Kickstarter