If you've ever been on a film set, you know there's a good amount of jargon and a lot to be mindful of. Chances are there have been times when you've heard terms that you're unfamiliar with, or maybe you haven't been exactly sure about how to conduct yourself (and maybe ended up making an inadvertent faux pas). But in this video, Marc A. Hutchins of Alexander Films will show you what you need to know regarding common terminology and proper etiquette on film sets. Whether you're just starting out in film or feel you need to brush up on the basics before you walk on set, this is essential viewing.

I've definitely been guilty of doing more than one of the "dont's" mentioned in the video (sometimes I still have trouble keeping my knees from popping during a shot), and there were a couple pieces of terminology that were new to me as well (previously I had never heard the term "hot points" used during a shoot).

The only thing I would add to Marc's talk would be to emphasize avoiding the eyeline. This is essential, not just to help the talent's concentration and ability to stay in character, but also to avoid potential audible emotional reactions you might have to their performance (laughing, gasping, etc.). In fact, during shoots where I've been a camera operator and the number of takes for a shot start piling up due to the cast and crew breaking out in contagious giggles, I'll sometimes look away from the monitor momentarily to help ensure we get a usable take.

This video is a great companion to another Aetuts+ video that Joe posted about recently on 5 reasons why a professional might be reluctant to want to work with you. Between these two videos, you'll have the foundation you need to be a more responsible and effective member of any film crew.

Link: Aetuts+ - “Setiquette” – How To Have Proper Etiquette On A Film Set