First it was the 5D Mark III getting Magic Lantern support. Now it seems like the impossible has finally happened. Bart over at Magic Lantern sent an email early this morning confirming that Magic Lantern has indeed been ported over to the Canon 7D and most (if not all) of the features should work sometime in the near future. Click through for more details on this exciting announcement.

Here is what they had to say:

Since then, we had little or no idea about how to solve this puzzle, until last week, when g3gg0 had an Aha! moment and discovered how to load Canon firmware from autoexec.bin code. The first analysis shows that porting is straightforward (more or less), and most features will work without major code changes, as Magic Lantern does not have to run on both DIGIC processors. Basic features such as zebra and focus peaking are already working, so you may expect an alpha version to be available soon.

Magic Lantern - Canon EOS 7D Demo Video -- from :

This is good news for a lot of folks with the 7D who've been anxiously awaiting all of the same features that the other Canon cameras have been given. The 7D is the most fully-featured of the DSLRs, especially since it can actually output a 720p image while recording, whereas the other Canon DSLRs (besides the Mark III and the higher-end 1D X and Mark IV) cannot.

From the quote it doesn't seem like it will be all that long before 7D users will get the firmware, and this could mean a second-life for many owners of that camera who aren't looking forward to upgrading anytime soon. This is definitely good news, and we'll update as soon as the hack becomes available to download. Head on over to the Magic Lantern site for more information and to find out how you can support the team.

Link: Magic Lantern on 7D ? YES ! -- Magic Lantern Website