Planet5d-short-film-challenge-224x132Short film contests are often very restrictive in terms of their rules and the material you can submit. But what if you could enter any film you've ever made, regardless of genre, under 30 minutes? That's exactly what Mitch over at planet5D is doing with the planet5D Short Film Challenge. The rules are as simple as they sound, and the rewards total over $2,000, including a Redrock DSLR shoulder rig. Here is Mitch introducing the challenge:

The prizes and important dates:

From the Challenge website:

We want to see your best work, that is, short films of any genre up to 30 minutes in length. Simply submit your film using our submission form. Each film will be rated by the public during our open voting round with the Top 10 films going on to be judged by planetMitch at planet5D! The winner will be chosen based on technical skill and storytelling ability...Make sure you sign up for the mailing list on the ‘challenge’ site as it will let you know who wins as well as letting you know when the next challenge will start.

Most festivals don't offer near the level of exposure that this one does, and the best part is that you can submit anything you've ever made to be considered for the grand prize. You must also own the rights to everything that is submitted online -- which includes both music and images, but if you've ever entered a film festival, this is usually the standard operating procedure. Mitch has also been kind enough to send along some free codes for No Film School readers. By entering the promo code "NoFilm" the entry fee is waived. This is limited to 10 codes and one per person, so if you want to enter, you'd better hurry if you want the entry fee waived.

Head on over to the challenge website for the rest of the details.

Link: planet5D Short Film Challenge