Soundworks-collection-rolling-stones-doc-crossfire-hurrican-224x131SoundWorks Collection has given us a number of tremendous videos that feature the sound teams for a few big Hollywood movies. This time, however, instead of looking at the sound work for a piece of fiction, they're talking with the sound team behind a new documentary about The Rolling Stones called Crossfire Hurricane. The entire project is a slight departure from typical band documentaries, and you can check out the SoundWorks video as well as the film's trailer below.

The trailer for the film:

Until the embedding is available, click here or click on the image below to watch the SoundWorks Collection video:


As the director Brett Morgen says, the entire movie was really post-production. It's an interesting way to approach a non-fiction film -- by using archive material supplemented only with audio interviews. Another great sound bite from Brett is that he believes the best sound design is the sound design you don't notice. Often that can be the best approach to anything we do as filmmakers. The less something jumps out at you, the more it can allow the audience to feel it or sense it, and they'll stay more engaged with the story for a longer period of time.

The artistic approach with the film is definitely unusual, and for that reason it made the sound design a slightly different process than a typical documentary about a band. You can check out the film on HBO November 15 at 9PM.

What do you guys think?

Link: The Sound and Music of Crossfire Hurricane -- SoundWorks Collection