Goproapphero-224x137It's been a long time coming for many users of the popular GoPro HD HERO2, but the Protune firmware update first announced at NAB 2012 is finally being released. This free upgrade provides a number of features necessary for matching higher quality cameras in a cinema application, like 24p, a 35mbps recording mode, and a flat color profile. GoPro is also releasing their iOS app, which will allow remote control of all of the camera's settings and give you a live preview of the image, as well as a number of other features. Click through for more details on the release.

Here's a little preview of the app:

The app isn't completely functional in the first version, here's a little bit about what's not working (from engadget):

Still, it is a v1 release and while our reader Khena reports it's stable, it does have some rough edges. Currently you can't access or view any recordings already stored on the camera or control more than one camera, although GoPro says those features are coming, while other gripes include delay between the camera and the app's "live" viewfinder that can be as much as five seconds and the inability to preview the ProTune settings while recording.

These are the features of the Protune firmware upgrade for the HERO2:

  • 35mbps data rate and 24fps
  • Neutral Color Profile -- Log Curve captures more detail in shadows/highlights
  • Frame rates available using the firmware: 1080p 30, 25, 24 | 960p 48 | 720p 60, 50

Many have been asking about when the firmware update would be available, and that question has been answered. Finally being able to match camera frame rates for movie shooting means no conversions have to be made in post, and the footage should be able to go right on the timeline without an issue. With higher bitrates (35mbps to be exact), the HERO2 should have a lot less artifacts caused by extreme motion, and the flat profile means you'll actually be able to color grade the footage, rather than dealing with an image that already has clipped highlights or shadows.

You can find links to both the app and the firmware upgrade below.

What do you guys think about the firmware upgrade? Do you think the HERO2 can now be incorporated into your cinema footage a lot more seamlessly with this update?


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