Epic-meal-time-thanksgiving-charity-care-package-224x126I won't lie to you -- I love Epic Meal Time. And though I can't rightly call them "filmmakers," I can say that they have brought incredibly entertaining content to YouTube in the form of their hilariously, well, Epic form of creative cuisine for a bit over two years now. They are a web video phenomenon among web video phenomena because as far as concept-YouTubers go, they are consistently, dependably, and simply awesome in every way such a channel could hope to be. This Thanksgiving, they've delivered not only their trademark excess, but they've brought it to those who need it most -- the homeless and the hungry. In the spirit of a day in which everyone's bellies should be joyously filled by its end, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with Epic Meal Time.

If you're not yet a fan or follower of Epic Meal Time -- and don't worry, you will be soon enough (hopefully) -- I'd like to set the tone before including this year's Thanksgiving special by first sharing those from years past. Yes it's silly, outrageous, and definitely a bit strange to feature here -- but it's all in good fun, and now especially, in the true spirit of Thanksgiving as well. Note: though (basically) all bad language is censored, I wouldn't call these videos totally SFW, though I really do hope you're not watching this from work on turkey day (for our friend overseas it may be a different story). Additionally, I would very safely call all this NSFV (yes, that's Not Safe For Vegetarians):

Created just over a month after posting their first video ever, TurBaconEpic would really set the bar for what Epic Meal Time does. I mean, that's a serious Thanksgiving's Day feast. Where to go from there, how could anyone top that? Well, they tried -- and drew some inspiration, in the most delicious way possible, from The Human Centipede:

And since it's mentioned below in the 'main course' so-to-speak , I feel obligated to first share the creation of my personal favorite Epic Meal Time concoction. 'Epic,' in this case, may actually be an understatement.

Real-life chef Farid Zadi gets things going in this year's Thanksgiving special, the real reason we're sharing all this with you today. Both their charity work and the appearance of a chef (to my knowledge) are firsts for EMT here. Though of course their ingredients and portions are par for the course, we can now thank Epic Meal Time for an even greater contribution to humanity:

I gotta hand it to these folks -- they have really, truly outdone themselves this time. They have had a great deal of independent success so far, which is something we can all respect in internet media. They're mercilessly original in the design and preparation of their food, which is something I can always appreciate -- and on today of all days, something we all can appreciate, too. Finally, and most importantly, I'm happy to hear they've now contributed to humanitarian efforts. I think it's safe to say that in this most recent of the Times for Epic Meals, all of it was truly appreciated, and none of it went to waste.

Happy Thanksgiving from No Film School.

Link: Thanksgiving Care Package -- Epic Meal Time

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